Set new and meaningful goals by Amal Regency College of Hotel Management 

Before you can achieve anything in life, you have to know what you want. You have to decide that whatever you’re doing is important to you, that it’s worth it. And if it isn’t, it’s time to set new, more meaningful goals-this was my realization after I joined Regency

Hey all I am Amal Aji, currently pursing my Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management at Regency College of Hotel Management And Catering Technology, one of the best Hotel Management Colleges in  Hyderabad. So I am sharing few thoughts which I think will help every beginner who are confused with what to choose after their school life. Basically I am from a middle class family hailing from Kerala. After completing my inter like everyone I too was very much confused and was looking up for courses which would help my Goal to be fulfilled to get settled quick in life.

Set new and meaningful goals by Amal
Set new and meaningful goals by Amal

I am always passionate about acquiring new skills and I had written an exam for a scheme called ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Program) which was conducted by Kerala Government for creating more opportunities for the young generation like me, so I attended the interview and exams by luck or what I don’t know I was selected. Mainly we studied about basics of a hotel and about Front Office department and at last I got diploma in front office, at that moment I realized that why not to try a bit higher?, and finally decided to join Hotel Management course to pursue my under graduation.

I appeared exam for Kerala University and was waiting for my results, my aunt who resides in Hyderabad helped me find out about Regency as the TOP College in Hotel Management amongst the various Hotel Management colleges in Telangana. Finally thinking of taking a chance I landed up to give the REGENCY ENTRANCE TEST conducted as a part of admission process.

The place, surroundings, and infrastructure attracted me a lot but was not so confident because and I was also thinking whether my family will be able to afford the fees or no, with varied thoughts in my mind I was waiting for the results finally I got selected, I was very happy that I was  selected from a huge crowd. The fee also was also affordable by my family.

My classes started and now I am a 2nd year student and this academics are also very close to an end and very soon I will complete by graduation in 2022. With the confidence instilled by my college my family also believes that I would never lose hope on anything that you are attracted or passionate about, just try your best to gain it and I truly believe that “hard work pay you back”.

My life always had surprises and prayers of my loved ones more than that I was trying to improve myself build my confidence levels, gain knowledge and acquire skills to be a Good Chef with the support of my faculties I am working towards my goals. I participate in each and every event conducted by college that helps me learn to organize, budget, plan and more over work with a team. I enjoy every bit of my college life and always try to be best. I very happy with the Culinary Exposure that I get from my college and I anticipate that I would be become a Great Chef one day. I like to get noticed as a Proud Regent like my Alumni.

I truly believe in fate and hard work because it will never let one down and will help us to make stand on our own to dream and achieve big in life.


 Amal Aji

Student – BHMCT