18 Months Culinary Basics Craft Course


18 Months Culinary Basics Craft Course is essentially a skilled and a creative work of practical nature. The student chef will develop professional competence in culinary skills necessary for commercial Food Production Operation

Students who have passed their matriculation are eligible to join this course . the duration is 18 months where 12 months the student chef learn cookery and kitchen organization

The diploma program equips students in the basic area of specialization and provides hands on training to students in college kitchens and laboratories.

Food Production-1: it deals with kitchen management, methods of cooking, importances of nutrition along with Indian Gastronomy. Trainee chefs also taught Food costing,soups and stocks , salads , and continental dishes. Menu planing with regard to nutrition.

Food Production-II  :  The student will develop professional competence in baking skills necessary for commercial bakery operation.The student understand the working of bakery , layout of a bakery section in a 5 Star Hotel. The raw materials and other ingrediants used in bakery . Leavening agents , bread making , chocolates, different types of chocolates . Cake mixing , methods and types.

Hygeine And Sanitation :   Hygiene and cleanliness is an utmost essential quality for a student.This subject will help the student to develop an attitude for correct habits of personal and environmental hygiene for safe handling and also understand the nutritive value of foods . Disposal of waste and garbage and how to manage kitchen wastage is also covered in this subject . HACCP Policy Process and its principles gives awareness on hazard control.

Food Production ( Practicals ) :  The students are exposed to continental menu with special emphasis on authenticity , enthnicit and cultural linkages . 20 International menus are taught from sausages to salads fine tuning their carving skills both Fruits and Vegetable including  Thermocal carving. Regional cuisines of India are taught to student chefs . kashmiri , Bengali , Kerala , Maharashtra , Punjabi , Tamil Nadu cuisines , Indian snacks and Indian chat.

In Bakery And Confectionary :   The student learns Bakery products. They cover 24 menus learning Bread Rolls , pudding , Tarts , Cakes and different types of cake.Chef Instructor handles both theory and practical session.

Communicative English (Practicals) : Students chefs should develop the language and also improve communication levels of reading , writing , addressing. Written language skills wherein student chef knows how to write indent and mails. Communication networking like face to face communication ,how to give presentation and participate in seminars and conference.


 Industrial Training for 25 weeks