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To find yourself is to lose yourself in Others service…

Customer Service

A term so daunting for fresher’s in any industry that most people shy away from landing into this department, fairly so, considering the challenges faced when dealing with customers. Customer service is exceptionally unnerving if you look at specific groups of customers, let’s take Indians for example. We Indians feel entitled to a royal treatment and refuse to accept anything less when it comes to service, and we are so not afraid of fighting for our rights in terms of magnificent service (quite literally). I, personally, was so extraordinarily intimidated by Customer Service, or anything related to speaking to customers that I chose to stay far away from any kind of job in that department, and yet, here I am, studying to land a job in an industry where Customers are considered as God The Hospitality Industry, as the name suggests, focuses mainly on providing hospitable services to people, which means, Customer service is the main aspect, no matter what department you will be working for most people joining it do so either to pursue their passion in the various departments of the industry or because they are unmatched at being a people’s person. But passion alone will not prepare us for the challenges we’ll be facing in our careers. The hospitality industry is just as challenging as it is elegant. We, as aspiring hoteliers, need to prepare ourselves for the efforts and the hard days and have to remember that we will be starting our days with serving guests and end them with serving guests. We will be facing people day in-day out, which means we are more prone to scenarios where we’ll be facing the wrath of an angry customer if they’re dissatisfied with our service. We, as the face of the hospitality
industry, have a huge influence in making or breaking a customer’s day, hence, It is important for us to be
knowledgeable about this industry, about solving problems for our guests all the while being polite and well- kept in our manners and our overall appearance. It will be expected of us to be at our best at any given moment, no matter the time and no matter what kind of customers you face, it’ll be very well expected of you to smile and satisfy them. Sounds like a lot of work, I know but as a hotelier, you have the power to turn that discontent into complete satisfaction of the customers and the pride of achieving a task as daunting as this combined with the euphoria of pursuing your passion is exceptionally tremendous. You have already set your first foot in this industry by being here
at Regency College of Hotel Management is of the top Hotel Management colleges in the country. The launchpad for your dive to a high peak in your career will be provided by Regency, all you need to focus on is directing your passion and turning it into a reality. So,my advice for you is to have a strong determination to cement your career in this industry, ready yourself for a truck-load of hard work, two truck-loads of satisfaction, and to not forget self-care because to be successful, you need to be a healthy and tranquil human first.
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”- Mahatma Gandhi

Amira Haider

Regent – CCCP (Batch 2020-21)

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