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The Heart and Soul of Hotel Management 

The Heart and Soul of Hotel Management 

The Heart and Soul of Hotel Management :

Ever tasted a biryani? I am sure you have but did you ever think what makes it so special, Is it the meat or the rice or both?
Well it isn’t any of the above, it is the time, the love and the effort what makes it so special.
The Hotel industry is very similar to the biryani. It is not only the place where the people come eat, stay and go it is the place that makes someone’s vacation into a nice memorable and joyful experience.
But is it only the infrastructure and facilities that are provided makes our experience fun, or is it something more to it?
The biryani is nothing without the person who makes it, so is the hotel is nothing without the people or the team behind it. It is also very similar to our families. Wouldn’t our families be incomplete without our relatives? Like every family needs a head of the family, every hotel needs a general manager- someone who can guide all the people, takes overall responsibility for managing both the revenue and cost elements of the hotels income statement known as profit and loss. The house keeping department is like our mothers, whithout hwom we can’t do anything, even no hotel can function without the house keeping department. The house keeping department is the backbone of the hotel just like our mothers. They not only take care of the cleanliness of the hotel but also take care of the maintenance of the hotel and help in giving us a home away from home experience. The front office department is like our siblings they help us in every need and take up so many responsibilities.
So does the front office, they have many responsibilities like managing reservations, providing information and registering guest etc.

They take care of selling room to the guest.
The F&B service is like our grandparents, this department takes care of maintaining the high quality of food and service, food costing, managing the restaurant, bar etc.
Now comes the last but not the least department the food production department, they could also be like our cousins who make everything fun. This department involves the preparation of food, which everyone seems to enjoy. This
department is taken care by the chef’s whose task is to win everyone’s heart. These four core departments and the General Manager are the ones who bring the Hotel industry together.

Or should I say, the spices and flavours of the Biryani.
In addition the team behind the Hotel Industry can also be called the heart & soul of the industry.


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