Laundry Visit and Brewery Visit

Laundry Visit and Brewery Visit
Laundry Visit and Brewery Visit by regency college of hotel management students

Laundry Visit to ITC Kohenur 9th July Venue ITC KOHENUR HITEC CITY

The Regents along with the faculty visited ITC Kohenur. The laundry department executive manager helped them understand the function of machines and provided them with every minute details about various equipments and machinery used from washing machines to steam ironing they were equipped with all the details about it.

Overall students were benefited in clearing their curiosity of the 5 star laundry.

Over the Moon Brewery Visit 10th July 2019

The Students of Regency College of Hotel Management had visited to a brewery known as over the moon which is located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. That was the place where we practically saw and learn about the process and production of beer.

The production of beer consists of three stages:                                                                                                   

 Stage 1:brewing: where the starch of the grain turns into sugar.

Stage 2:fermenting: where yeast is added and alcohol is made.                                                                                                                                          Stage 3: Storage and maturation: where beer is stored so as to get standard .Quantity.

We learnt about each and every process in detail and time duration, ingredients, temperature, quantity and mainly storage of beer, each batch (600ltr) of beer takes 15 days for its production.

We also got a chance to taste and learn about various types of beer, there were about (nine) 09 various beers which that brewery sells and one among nine was the special beer which is known as Moonlight Ale beer and was only served in that particular brewery.

That brewery also came with a new concept and kind of beer which was gluten free beer, we got lot of information about that beers such as there alcohol content, colour, taste and smell. It was a great experience to see production of beer practically and to gain plenty of knowledge regarding it.

At last it was the college which played a great role for this great visit.