Why should I choose your career in Hotel Management?


Hotel Management is one of the most popular choices of courses in India. This is because the career opportunities after hotel management or hospitality courses are limitless in the domestic as well the international market, and this makes it a valuable course for any person who has the skills required to succeed in the hotel management industry.


Hotel management is one of the top preferences of students when it comes to pursuing a simple graduation after completing their school studies.

As the hotel industry is constantly growing, so is the need for hotel management professionals. With tourism increasing in India ever year, this demand is set to increase, which will give students pursuing this course a higher chance of placement in renowned companies.


Hotel management course will help you cover different aspects of a running hotel or hospitality service such as sales and marketing, food and beverage, front office, accounting, food production, housekeeping and several kitchen skills.

Many government and private colleges in India offer degree and diploma courses in hotel management, which has become a lucrative and exciting course for a lot of students.

Hotel management jobs for freshers:

The starting salary for any person who opts for a job straight out of graduation is expected to be between Rs. 10,000- 13,000 during the training period. After the training period, the salary is bound to increase as per your performance.


There is no doubt that the hotel management and hospitality industry offers great career opportunities.  Hotel Management and Hospitality is a field with a significant share in the service sector of India. As per an estimate, the travel and tourism industry supported more than 8% of the total employment of the country.


As mentioned up, job opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless. After a hotel management course, candidates not only explore job opportunities in India but a large portion of graduates are also able to land jobs abroad in countries like New Zealand, USA, UAE, Canada etc. Here are some of the career options you have after a hotel management degree.

Hotel management career options:

Hotels / Spas / Resorts

Hotels are the primary employers of hotel management graduates. The hotel industry offers good career opportunities and is great for freshers as it can help a candidate gain experience in a diverse range of operations. Hotels are also great as they are much more inclined to accept fresher graduates in trainee roles than many other avenues listed below.

Restaurants / Bars / Clubs

Many hotel management graduates can also be found working in businesses such as restaurants, bars and clubs. However, these mainly recruit trained graduates for its kitchen staff and managerial posts. Most of the other posts are professionals with no formal training. One more thing to note is that the salaries paid by these establishments can be below average if you are not working at top-end places or large chains.

Airline Kitchens / In-Flight Operations

Airlines are another major recruiters for hospitality graduates. Airline industries mostly hire candidates who have a recognized degree, diploma or certificate course in hotel management. Plus, they have career opportunities not only in the kitchens but also in providing in-flight services. Airlines give you the advantage of being a much more organised sector of the economy and you also get better pay here than in many other industries.

Cruise Liners

Cruise Liners deserve a category of their own as they are one of the more glamorous jobs in hotel management. They keep you in touch with a lavish lifestyle while also offering a chance to travel on some of the most beautiful waters on board magnificent watercraft. Plus, the pay is exceptionally good. Do keep in mind that cruise liner staff is overworked almost all the time and you are basically on duty 24×7 serving large crowds of party-goers and people enjoying their vacation. While it is a career area preferred by freshers, more experience professionals generally avoid this avenue, choosing to opt for a more fixed place of opportunity than a cruise ship.

Fast Food Chains

Fast Food chains are one of the most booming businesses all around the world. Fast-food chains have an enormous network of outlets and have a restaurant even in many small towns and villages. Naturally, they have a good requirement for trained professionals to manage these outlets and hotel management graduates can look for executive and management roles in these companies.

Indian Navy / Indian Army Hospitality and Catering Services

The naval and land wings of the defence forces also open recruitment for posts related to hospitality and catering. The army requires applicants to have at least a diploma or certificate in hotel management and catering technology. The Navy posts are open to candidates who have completed at least Class 10.


Hotel Management is an attractive field but it is important to understand the reason to pursue a hotel management course. Hotel management is a field where practical training is crucial to becoming successful. Even a student who has pursued a course from the top hotel management college in India will not be able to land a good job without first going through the training phase. So, it becomes important to understand why even pursue a hotel management course.

  • The theoretical knowledge gained in a hotel management course forms a solid foundation. The experience gained after having this knowledge helps you become a professional in the hospitality industry.
  • Hotel management courses include practical training and hence you get to learn a lot of skills that help you become a seasoned professional.
  • Having a hotel management degree helps open up career avenues early on.
  • Completing a hotel management course opens up opportunities for higher education such as a master’s degree or PhD in the field.
  • You can look for intern or training opportunities in top hospitality establishments after completing a hotel management degree.
  • Hotel management courses also include brushing up communication skills and help boost your confidence to ace in a professional role.
  • Your hotel management college and colleagues are a support system that will help you throughout your career.


The reasons for pursuing a course are different for each student and you may have your own. It is important to figure out why you are pursuing the hotel management course as it will also help you select the right hotel management college.


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