Why I aimed to become a hospitality professional?

During the initial days of college, I was totally unaware about the hotel industry and was not much acquainted about the course and also the college as I hail from Karnataka and none in my family were into Hospitality Industry. Learning hospitality skills is fun Unlike other educational courses, hotel management is fun and exciting to pursue. Hotel management students get to learn the necessary culinary and housekeeping skills that are highly valued in the industry. By enrolling in a reputed top Hotel Management College in Hyderabad like Regency College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, you can embark on a bright career. Our faculties members consistently work hard to ensure aspiring students learn all the necessary skills, cultivate them as their strengths, and excel in their hospitality career paths

After joining Regency I started to experience this new world, and slowly I get to know about the learning opportunities and its exponential horizons. Both of these are two different tangents and the way our college makes us learn depends on Ones passion, Zest, Eagerness towards the industry which will be made to explore. The College will never stop us chasing our dreams and goals until we get work to our full potential. According to me there are three possible ways to know about this industry during the time a student’s spends in college. I realized that Diversity and endless opportunities define the hospitality industry.

There are varied job roles and opportunities in the hospitality industry. Also, when you are a part of the hospitality industry, you get the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment. An opportunity to work overseas the hospitality industry offers the professionals numerous opportunities to travel overseas and work abroad. The skills you learn in your college and job can get you to places when working in this industry.

We make people’s day whether your job responsibility is in the hotel’s kitchen or in the reception (front desk), your primary responsibility is to achieve exceptional guest satisfaction.

Team Regency helps us to set out our Goals and train us to fulfill them.  I can vouch that my entire faculty member’s put untiring efforts to make us learn and their praise is worthy. Their motivation is good and I am an example, I was having a lot of  stage fear, when they realized they counseled me and encouraged me to come over it. I was delegated the responsibility of interacting with the Executive Chef of LEMON TREE for a survey conducted on the occasion of Regency’s SILVER JUBLIEE  for an article to be publicized for our college souvenir. Believe me I had to do the video recording of Chef’s message. It was a great experience and then I started to believe in myself with an attitude YES I CAN DO IT.

Working in the hospitality industry offers a myriad of perks and benefits. First, it allows you to meet and interact with new people on regular basis. If you have a outgoing personality and enjoy in social situations, there’s no better industry than Hospitality to work. A hospitality job allows you to leverage the power of your ‘people skills’ to engage customers and foster long-lasting relationship that ultimately increase sales and promote the business.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, you might be wondering why hospitality can be choice or career and how important it is?. How do you define great hospitality? To work in hospitality, you generally need to have a strong desire to work with people and provide them with a excellent services and customer delight and this is tangible. Some hospitality positions also require specific skills. For example, those who want to work as cruise ship entertainers will typically benefit from developed musical abilities. Hospitality stands with the tradition that Indians have been following since the ancient times; you will find hospitality almost every sphere of the country. India, known for its ancient tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘guest is God’ has been hosting foreigners for ages, the hospitality industry in India is indeed an enriched one. This is the experience we get when we organize food festivals with theme setups, intricate detailing and this is to its BEST at Rchmct. The questions continue in our mind ‘Why work in the hospitality industry?

The reason to work in hotel Industry, that you a chance to make people happy, Opportunities for travel, Diverse jobs, Flexibility is the key to a successful hospitality career. Plus, creativity and attention to details can make you a star in a real quick time.

I am glad to be a part of Team Regent…………


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