THE POWER HOUSE OF THE HUMAN BODY article by regency college of hotel management students


“Small but Mighty”

One of the best colleges in Hyderabad Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management took the privilege to host “Millet Cooking Challenge” in the college premises on Saturday, 17 September 2022. The competition was organised in collaboration with “Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR)” and “Nutri Hub” which roaded to NNCC (National Nutri Convention 4.0) in association with NITHM (National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management) powered by Telangana Chef Association with the support of Millet Bank Bakers Harvest and the media partners: The Indian Express and FW Friday Wall .com on the occasion of MILLET MONTH OF THE YEAR to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Millet space.

It was a cookery competition where the participants were required to prepare a dish using any type of millet or millet product and present before the judges within the given time limit. Whether professional chef looking for a challenge or a home chef looking to bring out the grandma’s secret recipes, the competition was for all. Cooking enthusiasts about 50 from around the state came to showcase their culinary talents. The culinary competition was organised in two categories: Millets for Millennials and Legacy foods. “Millets for Millennials” was the professional category, where the professional chefs and master chefs were open to participate to create new age recipes for millennials with millets. While the “Legacy foods” was the non-professional category open to all chefs to innovate or to creative old grandma’s millet recipe.

 Industry professional chefs from Telangana Chef Association were invited over to preside over the jury of the competition. Brilliant display of culinary skills left the jury in awe making it more difficult to determine the winners. In the neck-to-neck competition, in the professional category Chef Ankit Mathur secured first position, followed by Chef Jaganath Chinary secured second position respectively. In the non-professional category, Rajeshwari Ravi Kumari secured first position, A Anuradha second and Samanthakamri Neduri third position.

Additionally, two more competitions were organised based on the theme of millets for all batch of students within the college. It consisted of rangoli making and poster making based using millets. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition in large numbers. Nonetheless, all the trophies were banged by the fresher’s batch-the first years.

Millet rangoli making Kiran Jais secured the first position and Kallepally Manikanta secured second position. While in the millet poster making there was just one and only ultimate winner Chinthalakuntla Madhukar.

Guests of honour who were involved in this moment of pride were: Dr. Dayakar Rao, principal, scientist and CEO of ICAR and Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Vishala Reddy, Millet Bank founder and other dignitaries from Telangana Chef Association. Dr. Dayakar addressed the gathering and shared his views and thoughts about the importance of millets in daily life. Following which other dignitaries present in the event followed to talk about the importance of millets in a diet and tried to give more information and awareness about millets.

At the end the winners of the competition in each category were awarded with lucky palm bamboo and a wonderful millet recipe book, the winners of the cooking competition in both categories were invited to the grand convention organized by IIMR and Nutri Hub at hotel Novotel which would happen on 22nd and 23rd September.

Kiran Jais  / Madhukar