Once a hotelier, always a hotelier!

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I carry the passion even as I stay or dine in any hotel.


Hoteliers make sure guest have a good time and a relaxing stay. The word “hotelier” is derived from “hotel”, which is a place that provides accommodation for travelers. The word was first used in 18th century France, where it was used to describe proprietors of hotels and inns. In 19th century America, it became associated with those who owned and managed hotels as well as those who were employed by them.


Hotelier roles and their importance in Hospitality Industry:


In today’s world, hoteliers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of running a business that provides accommodation for travelers: they manage the property and its staff; they oversee marketing campaigns; they maintain relationships with suppliers; they deal with guest’s complaints; and so on. They have a broad knowledge of what they do, but they don’t always find it easy starting in the hotel business. These are their inspiring stories of how they got into hotel-based careers.


Hoteliers play an important role in society and provide memorable moments for friends, families, couples, and groups on a visit to other places. They also build relationships with their guests through great hospitality and friendliness.


Hoteliers in Modern world:


Hoteliers must keep up with trends so they can cater to the needs of their guests. New things that have been developed by hotels and other businesses have made this easier for them, such as Face book and Twitter. Social media gives them a good way to communicate their needs and preferences to potential guests before they arrive at the hotel.


Why to be a hotelier:


The benefits of becoming a hotelier generally outweigh any negatives associated with it. Careers in hospitality can be interesting, fun, and rewarding. They also offer the ability to interact with new people each day on the job, which is useful in keeping one’s mind sharp over time.


The process to become a hotelier can differ depending on if you want to own or manage a hotel since the term can refer to either of these. If you want to manage hotels, you may want to obtain a vocational certificate or a four-year hospitality degree. Working in the Hospitality Industry in various lower positions can also provide you with much-needed experience when seeking a hotelier position. Becoming a Hotel Owner is a simpler process, though it requires a very large initial investment and a great deal of operating capital as well. If hotel ownership is your goal, becoming a Hotel Manager first to learn the business is also a viable option.

How to become a hotelier:


To become a hotelier, one must first decide if want to own hotels or just manage them. It is also possible to start managing hotels and then purchase or start your own later on. If you want to be a Hotel Manager, you will typically want to attend school and obtain a hospitality degree or certificate. Many community colleges, vocational schools, and universities offer certificates and degrees in hospitality and hotel management, though a business degree which is also be useful. To accomplish the dream of a hotelier join in Regency College, one of the countries’ top Culinary Arts and Hotel Management.

Formal education is not always necessary to become a hotelier, but it is a good credential to have on your resume when you start looking for work.


If you are interested in becoming a hotel owner, you can go about the process in a few different ways. One option is to be a manager first, which can provide you with an intimate understanding of the business. You can also buy directly into a franchise or start your hotel, though in that case, you will need a management company to handle the day-to-day operations.