Learning is a treasure by MANI CHANDANA Regency College of Hotel Management. 

MY EXPERIENCE JOINING REGENCY-Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Learning is a treasure by MANI CHANDANA Regency College of Hotel Management
Learning is a treasure by MANI CHANDANA Regency College of Hotel Management

Hi, my name is Chandana Bandari and I’m currently pursuing my  Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology in Regency College of Hotel Management one the top hotel Management colleges in Hyderabad. Today, I’m sharing my wonderful experience which had while joining Regency.

After I completed my Intermediate 2nd year in 2019, I was in a dilemma to choose the right course and institute for to pursue my higher studies (under graduation). I always wanted to become a chef, so somewhere in the back of my head I already made up my mind that I wanted to pursue my degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Choosing a right career and apt college isn’t so easy for students, especially, with so many career options and colleges available nowadays.

You may want to do so many things. But eventually, you find that it’s not possible to decide on one. Or, sometimes you’re forced to do something and make it your career because you need to earn a living. Well, talking about myself, my parents never forced me to do something in which I had zero interest in, they always left it me choose the right career path in which I am passionate about.

Regency college was suggested to my dad by a close friend of his. My dad is very skeptical and meticulous when it comes to taking a decision he was told that Regency College of Hotel Management was a Top hotel management college in Hyderabad offering Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management. When my dad, mom and I first visited the college, it was like love at first sight. We three were totally impressed with the infrastructure, the warm welcome and quick response that we received, the outstanding facilities that were equipped and provided by the college so that a student gets fully exposed, to the industry and gets a clear picture and understanding of both theory and practical’s. The only thing I wished at that moment was to get selected in the All India Regency Entrance Test and luckily I did. I was the happiest person ever since and I think its right for me to say that my parents put me in the right and safe hands.

On the first day of my college, words can’t describe how nervous I really was. When I saw all my classmates for the first time, it was a nerve wracking moment. But still, I just stayed calm, believed in myself and challenged myself to learn something important from the Orientation program conducted at Regency College. Just in a short duration of time, through a play way and Interactive  method I learnt many important rules and tactics of life, like, always be fearless, positive, stop making excuses, always look for  good, to always be honest and work hard in life.” Think out of the Box”

I was always a shy kid around people. And I realized that it was time for me to change for good. I thought this was the best opportunity for me to come out of my comfort zone. So, I slowly started interacting with my friends and gave my 100% to become a better version of myself.

And now after completing my 2 semesters, I can proudly say that I’m no longer the old one, which I was before. Regency has not only taught me subject knowledge but also taught me valuable practical skills honed my participation skills with an attitude YES I CAN DO IT  create my own recognition. Though I am in my second year I am good at vegetable carvings, theme set ups, plate presentations I along with my team host events at College.

The college experience that I may be thankful for, is the opportunity to better myself through education, forming relationships, and experience with the real world and how people relate with one another.
Education is the most important part of college, and Regency not only focuses academic curriculum but also focuses and pays close attention to overall development of the student.

This includes the punctuality, discipline, grooming and moulds the student into a polished individual who is ready to take over the hotel industry in the coming days. I’m very thankful for the way that classes push me to be a better student, and at the same time they also teach me how to manage my time and priorities. Once I graduate from Regency, I will be forever grateful that I have had the ability to gain a very strong education along with the skills and tactics that are required for an individual to flourish in this industry.

An experience one gains from an under graduate college combines both relationships and education. I will be most thankful for the precious a moments I am able to experience in college with the people who I love, and who have the same interests as me, so we can enjoy them together. Whether experiences come from education, internships, extracurricular, each and every one will have a better preparedness for us to face the real world outside of college, and we will be thankful that we came in contact over with those situations, good or bad. LIFE IS A LEARNING EXPEREINCE,

Learning is a treasure by MANI CHANDANA Regency College of Hotel Management
Learning is a treasure by MANI CHANDANA Regency College of Hotel Management