Hotel Management students best display of Punjabi Finger Food

Punjabi finger food Introduction: 

We at Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management believe In Learning through food, display and presentation. The Student has displayed the fingers food of different states Of India which was organized by regency college.Which was held on 19th Feb2022 on Saturday in the Lobby of Regency College. The main aim of the as is to Know about the different Finger foods of different state In India and their taste so which can help to gain more Knowledge. The Asli India was led by head of the Culinary department chef Cyril  other faculties 

History of Panjabi cuisine:

hotel management and culinary arts display is best
hotel management and culinary arts display is best in hyderabad

Punjabi cuisine is a culinary style originating in the Punjab, a region in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, which is now divided in an Indian part to the east and a Pakistani part to the west. This cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways of cooking.

Planning of cuisine setup:

We are 3rd Sem students divided into groups. Which Consists of. Five members each. There was total 16 Groups. Each group has to choose different states finger Foods. We have selected Punjabi finger foods which Is famous in all over India. We five members gave our Ideas to the setup So that each and every one Contribution towards the set up. Then we have Discussed among ourselves About the team setup, Display, food display, money contribution and Cuisine setup.

Finding of materials :

The availability of The Punjabi finger foods is Easily available in the market and we could do the setup Colorfully. To know the Atlantic Punjabi finger Foods, we searched and went around the market, Searched for shops. Also, we met with the Punjabi People to know about the authentic finger foods of Punjabi. And also Learned through College Electrification name Ashif Bhai Finally, we came to know about this shop, Which only sells authentic Punjabi Finger Foods and It is located in Begum Bazar. The shop name is Ganesh shop. We have also done some enquiry about The Materials for the Decoration of Punjabi cuisine at Last we found a shop in Begum bazar. The color of the theme was totally red. We have Also visited a lot of shops for the team set up Finally, We found all the Material needed for this setup and the Menu of the day was also decided by five of us and the Chefs also helped us in setting up the menu and in the Theme set up so that it can give the authentic look of Punjabi cuisine. Which we succeeded to give that Look of Punjabi cuisine.


The setup  The initial plan was Props and Elevation for the food to be placed going bring prepare The elevation used were elevation Steps plastic buttalu the back drop was types of colour of clothes Pattern decorated with Clothes The setup was started from Thursday In supposedly to be College The Scorch for props were we searched for all the punjabi related props That day fresh food were are made on the day we brought of the Event The required Things like basket (for placing the food) were setup up day before  clothes was stapled on the particular pattern

We found Many Things That relate Punjabi food with most of the Indian states The similarities In Indian states can be seen by Their food all Hyderabad Punjabi finger food, Available in In Punjabi restaurant Most of Punjabi bi restaurant sell Punjabi finger Some of your costume and the props. They were food.

Feedback of the setup:

The feedback was excellent from all the chefs and the Principal of the Regency College and HOD mam and All the faculties have given the excellent feedback. They Have said that this is the first time we have done Finger Foods display. In the college. And it has come out very Well. The all the setups were so good. With this we can Gain a lot of knowledge which will help in the coming Days and also the principal has appreciated us all for the Hard work. And chefs also congratulated us for bringing Out the event Sowell.