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ingredients display at top culinary college

30th November 2021saw 1st-year students of the top most college in Hyderabad, Regency College of Hotel Management host an event called INGREDIENT DISPLAY with the theme “Food for the Future”. Where everyone portrayed how different types of natural ingredients may affect our lifestyle and health in the future.

It has been seen people eating a lot of processed foods these days which have little to no nutrients. “If you have good choices available, you will make good choices.”

I Semester students of BHMCT, BCTCA and CCCB aesthetically set up different stall displaying varieties of ingredients and food products. A week before that, students went to different types of markets and found out about the prices of the ingredients that were used in cooking. With the help of that, students were able to find the best prices for the ingredients that are going to use in the event.

The preparations began on 27th November in the Seminar Hall of Regency College which helped students in many ways; they not only able to sharpen their teamwork, leadership skills but also know how to be cost-effective while bringing the most out of the stalls. Everyone was filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the event. A hectic week of market-runs, carpentry and over the top efforts made by the students leading up to the big day that saw the presence of the four chief guests:

Chef Naresh – Executive chef at Marriott,Chennai

Chef Apoorva – Area Development Chef at Orange Figs

Chef Pavan – Executive Chef at Abu Dhabi National Hotel

Chef Sameer – Corporate Chef for Air Live

Thus the executive chefs’ of various reputed hotels invited to judge and remark student’s stalls; everyone was nervous but exited as well. The students of BHMCT, BCTCA, and CCCB laid out multiple stalls, each containing a different category of food ingredient and its various types.

The first stall showcased cereals and pulses in a unique way. They used a wooden rack with chest-of-drawers and arranged their ingredients in such order so could differentiate between Cereals and Pulses. They were able to present 12 varieties of Pulses and Cereals decorated with different series of lights to increase its aesthetic appeal.

The second stall was based on Bakery Tools and Essential Ingredients used in bakery. It had a wide variety of food items and equipments. They used a monochromatic theme that also looked like a musicalband; it was like they were composing music with ingredients being their instruments and their knowledge as voices.

The third was Bakery Stall with the Sea Food Setup. They used ice blocks magnificentlycarved with different sculptures and placed various fish and shellfish. They all used fresh seafood which was so impressive because finding fresh fish and live shellfish is a challenge in itself.

 Right next to the Seafood setup there was a setup that displayed 62 different types of condiments/sauces that are used in cooking. They displayed the various types of sauces on the map of India and used various lights to elevate the elegance of the whole setup.

Right after the setup of condiments, there was the Flour Setup. It was arranged with limestone and various types of tools that are used to grind flours from whole grains. They were able to gather different types of flours that are used in different corners of the world which was exquisite. It was also a monochromatic theme that only had limestone.

Moving on to the next setup, there was a setup that displayed 21 various types of fats and oils that are used in cooking. They presented them in white briefcase with glass and crystal stands. They were able to gather different types of oils from around the world and some of the finest oils that are present.

Moving on to the next row, we have the eggs and dairy stall. This display held quite a minimalistic look; with eggs kept in baskets and stands, dairy products like milk, kofta, cream and butter displayed on mini step shelves.

Right before the egg dairy stall was the pasta stall. The theme was based on the flag of Italy. The pasta setup displayed an array of various pastas and of a variety of other brands of pastas.

There was the red meats and poultry display. This setup had many parts and cuts of goats, cows and poultry. This setup portrayed a meat shop with a whole skinned goat head which was also the highlight of the whole setup.

Last but not the least, there was a setup that displayed various types including 76 varieties of herbs and spices that are used in cooking. The ingredients were placed in the mini ramekins and were in a miniature Ferris-wheel and decorated with multicolor lights.

One couldn’t take their view from the fruits and vegetables stalls exhibited at the center of the hall. The fruits stall had a spread of different kinds of local and exotic fruits, all displayed in aesthetically pleasing display stands made by the students themselves- matching with the tropical theme of the stall. The students explained in details about the history and the source of the fruits on display.

The next stall was showcasing a variety of vegetablesdecorated in an agricultural theme with patches of dry grass, hung on bamboo baskets to the self-made Wooden stands depicting the liveliness in the event surrounded by greenery all around.The students managed to gather an impressive – including local, continental, exotic and different kinds of leafy vegetables.

Clearly, all the students tried their best to send the message of having a healthier eating habit for a healthier lifestyle and future.

 The Principal of Regency College gifted fruit baskets to the Chief Guests. The chefs inspired the students with their motivating words. All the chefs graded the students’ hard work and gave them more ideas about how they can improve and be more creative in the future endeavor. This theme ‘Food for the Future’ really helped the students understand about the ingredients, the varieties of local and continental food products and how to obtain a healthier eating habit, by adapting to a better eating style.