Best KERALA FOOD display by Hotel Management and Culinary Students


Finger foods are small, individual portions of foods that are eaten out of hand. Kerala is famous for its unique geography, tranquil backwaters, unspoiled beaches, art forms and spices. It is also famous for its charming houseboats, sprawling tea plantations, unique eco-tourism, magnificent architecture, Ayurvedic treatments and unforgettable culinary experiences. In the lobby of regency college, we students of 3rd semester made a Kerala theme-based setup and presented its famous finger foods like kozhala appam, banana chips, unniya appam, sukhiyan etc. Kerala food is generally hot and spicy & the food is traditionally eaten by hands and served in banana leaves. Abundant use of coconut oil, mustard seeds, curry les coconut milk is used in there today cooking.
We divided the work in between us like 2 of us went for food searching 2 people did the setup and 3 for properties findings. For food we went a Kerala food store at balapur x road and some foods we made at home and for set up we went to shilparamam and begum bazar mabanapet mandi market for banana leaves and flowers as we wanted to decorate the theme with full of greenery. This was a very good learning experience, we learnt many new things like cost purchasing, about Kerala in depth like their culture, tradition and cuisine. As we went to new places to explore about Kerala cuisine. Our setup was very budget friendly compared to other state setups we have planned the wall with fresh banana leaves and pasted some famous dance of Kerala like kathakali and bamboo leaves and a fish hanging as a Kerala is famous for its sea food then coming to food display, we firstly made a rangoli with rose,
marigold yellow and orange marigold flowers in the middle we have placed a brass fancy lamp next we brought elevations from f&b department and then we b&b plates on the plates we arranged a banana leaves that cut into squares and presented the finger foods for each item we made a menu tag in boat shape placed next to the foods coming to foods that included.

best hotel management and culinary arts
best food diplay by hotel management course students

It is a fritter food made with pulses, jaggery and maida flour. Also called “suguntalu”, it is popular food item in south indian cuisines, and it is generally eaten as a breakfast, a side dish, or a snack. The lentils and jaggery are cooked,
ground to form the stuffing, formed into size of a ping pong ball, to deep fry in coconut oil/ any other oil. This snack is also often found in small tea shops in the towns and villages of kerala and tamilnadu.

It is very popular dishes prepared in Kerala prepared from rice flour and Besan. It is also known as ribbon pakado due to its peculiar shape. It is most commonly served at tea time.

Unni appam, also called Unni Appam, is a traditional delicacy of Kerala cuisine. The sweet fritters are most popular as an evening snack and are often prepared during the festival season. Unni appam derives its sweetness from banana and jaggery.

It is a deep-fried rose cookie made with rice flour. It is a signature Syriah Christian food believed to come from Dutch influence in Kerala. Achappam can be eaten plain and is also commonly spiced with sesame, cumin, and cardamom.
Achappam batter is made from a blend of wheat flour or rice flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk.

Kuzhalappam is a tubular crispy yummy snack originated from Kerala and especially popular in the Thrissur region.

Fried banana chips are usually produced from under-ripe banana slices deep-fried in sunflower oil or coconut slices deep-fried in sunflower oil or coconut oil. These chips are dry like potato chips.

The asli India event at Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management which is best and top in India at Hyderabad,  went very well and smooth we gained a lot of knowledge about the street foods all over the India. The principal, guests and all the chefs really appreciated our work gave so many suggestions which are very helpful and
motivational and we also thoroughly enjoyed learning in a unique way. We understood the importance of teamwork, leadership and time management etc. All our team members were really involved into the work and we have done this event with at most concentration and interest we would like to thank all the faculty of regency college of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management for guiding us best.