Culinary Arts and Hotel Management presentation on ANDHRA FINGER FOODS

We at Regency College of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management believe in Learning through food, display and presentation. The students has displayed the fingers food of different states of India, which was organized by regency
college. Which was held on 19th Feb 2022 on Saturday in the lobby of Regency College. The main aim of the as is to know about the different Finger foods of different state in India and their taste so which can help
to gain more knowledge.

History of Andhra Cuisine:
Andhra Pradesh is a state known for its rich natural resources, temples and rivers. Regional cuisine at Andhra classified into, Coastal Andhra & Rayalaseema. The recipes of Coastal Andhra regions consist of seafood
mainly. In Coastal region, the poor & rich enjoy rice as a staple food. In Andhra cuisine pungency & spice is high. The food of Andhra Pradesh is identified with that among the Mughals. Over the ages, along with the Mughal influence the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has been well known as a fusion of original Andhra ingredients and Hyderabad cuisine. 

Planning of Cuisine setup:
We five members gave our ideas to the setup So that each one contribution towards the set up. Then we have discussed among ourselves about the team setup, display, food display, money contribution and Cuisine setup.
The setup started one day before the event. The initial plan was to bring props and elevations for the foods to be placed. The elevations used were the wooden steps. The backdrop was supposedly to be a banana leaves pattern decorated with flowers. The setup started from Thursday afternoon where the space was allotted to all the teams in the lobby of the college. The search for props began where we searched for all the Andhra related props. For the background we bought, a mesh made with dried leafs.

Best Culinary arts and Hotel Management College Presentaion in india
Best Culinary arts and Hotel Management College Presentaion in india about andhrapradesh

Finding of Materials:
To know the Atlantic Andhra finger foods, we searched and went around the market, searched for shops. Finally, we have purchased foods items in “Abhiruchi Swagruha foods”. Moreover, for setup, we have purchased all needed props, elevations, flowers, banana leaves, raw mangoes, mango leaves, etc…



Experience of the finger food display:
The knowledge, which we gained and the experience, which we got on a 19 Feb, was amazing. The Andhra Finger Foods, which we had presented, are:
1. Punugulu
2. Mirchi Bajji
3. Chekkalu
4. Murkulu
5. Chakodi
6. Masala Vada
7. Sanna Karapusa
8. Gulabi Puvvulu
All the foods presented can be seen in the picture below:

The whole event was a huge success. The chefs appreciated the hard work of the students. To us overall it was a learning opportunity where we could work as a team and plan together as one for a single output. We learned how to calculate costs and how to showcase different foods in unique ways. Everything went on as planned. The beautiful aroma of the different varieties of dishes filled the lobby. The beautiful displays were a true masterpiece of their own. Everyone got to see all the setups and after the end of the event, we tasted all the different varieties of food that were displayed. These types of events are educational and with that, it is also wholesome. These events should be done every year so that everyone gets to learn the different states’ food.

Andhra Finger Foods Team:
1. J.Ritheesh
2. A.V.Ravi Goud
3. A.Durga Prasad
4. G.Sathvik
5. J.Shiva Raju