Bartending classes at Regency College of Culinary Arts


“Always be yourself unless you can be a bartender”. Bartending has now become a very hot-blooded work and is now the dream job of many. REGENCY COLLEGE OF CULINARY ARTS AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT – one of the top culinary colleges of Hyderabad discovered the enthusiasm and interest of its students in flare and bartending. And to help with enhancing their knowledge in their area of interest, the college has conducted virtual guest lectures on INTRODUCTION TO BARTENDING AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES at their college on 20.06.22. The whole event was propelled by Mr. Nallaswamy an entrepreneur and Mr. Arun Palanisamy, freelancer in bartending events.

Being a bartender is to be perfect. Bartending is considered to be one of the most sought after jobs in the hospitality industry.  Bartending is an art and only a professional with high dedication is an ace at it. In front of a guest the only thing that should run in your mind is the bottles and the drinks. No matter how stressful your day is, a bartender is always supposed to have a smile on the face, should keep the bar clean, and give suggestions. Flare bartending is a process of bartenders entertaining the guests with manipulation of bar tools and swaying moves. The way you shake, the way you mix, the way you serve should bring an enthusiasm in the guest.

Mr. Nallaswamy and Mr. Arun Palanisamy are known to have their own bartending schools where they put their soulful efforts into carving the best bartending specialists. Mr. Nallaswamy stated that for an individual aspiring to become a bartender the first goal should be developing his multitasking skills on the basis of concentration, balance, eye contact and focus. One’s career in bartending revolves around his/her knowledge on bartending, one should know the professions backwards and forwards – the more he feeds his brain the more he shines. Mr. Nallaswamy gave a brief on the difference between work flare and exhibition flare and also showed his exceptional skills of flipping bottles. The enthralment in the students gave even more energy to the event and Mr. Arun Palanisamy’s lecture added excitement.

Being a very well reputed freelancer, Mr. Arun Palanisamy also educated them about the importance of freelancing. The elites also explained how mixology and flaring are different from each other. The young minds showed top notch listening skills and grasped the information provided by the lecturers.

Flaring is actually a tactic of restaurants and bars to attract more guests and now flare tending has become both professional and exhibitive. And with the growing popularity of bartending, it is growing the need for bartenders. So, now there is high scope of job opportunities in bartending. Keeping this in mind Regency college’s management recently started with their new programme REFT (Regency Flare Training) lead by Mr. Vinnu the flaring and mixology faculty of the college. The REFT classes will be held in a separate set designed especially for bartending with all bar equipment set to give the feel of a high-class bar. Students will be given their own flaring kit and a weekly class to get trained.

And so the lecture was very productive with vivacious students and even more energized lecturers. At the end of the day, Regents got to know bartending by heart. They’ve now become well versed with the basics and basic terminologies of bartending. Mr. Vinnu the flaring and mixology faculty of the Regency college was very glad and thanked Mr. Nallaswamy, Mr. Arun Palanisamy for their valuable time. With so much knowledge earned, the students left the classroom with happy hearts. With two side knowledge sharing the event was a grand success.