parent teacher meeting at best culinary college in hyderabad

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.”

-Rob Beauprez

-On Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, conducted a “Parent-Teacher Meeting” in the college premises. All the parents of 1st year BHMCT and BCT&CA students were invited to attend the meeting.


  • The meeting was held in the college premises, in the college seminar hall. The seminar hall was decorated well with red and white colored balloons covering the entire ceiling along with a red carpeted dais with a seating arrangement for the principal of the college Mr. P.Ramesh Kumar Reddy and the day’s Chief guest Mr. Yashwanth Yadav (L&D Manager) from Mariott, Hyderabad.


“Students are considered to be the future ignited minds of the nation. Parents and teachers are the people who enlighten our lives for this purpose so for our enlightenment we need their undivided attention and proper golden guidelines.”

-Parent Teacher Meeting began with an aspect to have transparency and vigilance between the student s’ holistic performance and the role of college in molding them to be a successful student.

parents meet at regency college
parents meet at regency college

Event started with a vision and mission of Regency College, by Head of department, Ms Uma Bala. She throbbed about the recent achievements and awards received by budding hoteliers conducted by “World of Hospitality” in association with WACS and IFCA. This was followed by a speech by our dear principal, with him addressing the rules, regulations, and code of conduct of the college. The crowd was keen on listening to all the things said by the principal and felt the energy and passion exuded from his words.

-Special invitee Mr. Yashwanth taken the parents through the success of his journey and got them to know the opportunities and the placements in recent times and how industry is booming with a rapid speed conquering globally.

Student academic profile was clearly discussed with the parents by coordinator and in charge. Suggestions and feedback was also given so as to have a smooth and sustained progress of the student. 

Rev up the luncheon:

Throughout the meeting refreshing drinks of mint mojito were served, Parents and students embraced 25 dishes including pastries, main meal, and doused mix fruit mock tails prepared by the Gastronomy committee. All the parents and students enjoyed the spread and ate to their heart’s content.


-The day ended with the regents showing a tour of the college to their respective parents, as well as meeting the entire faculty and the principal. Parents went home with the feedback given by college about their child with a thoughtful memory. Needless to say, the day was fulfilling and nice.

                                                                      – Sherlin David

                                                                                                            BCTCA 1st year