Best Seminar on Energy Conservation, Energy Conservation seminar at regency culinary arts college

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

On June 20th, 2022 the top most college in India Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, invited an eminent personality and empanelled faculty and trainer with Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Professor K.R. Ramana to give a seminar on “ENERGY CONSERVATION IN HOTEL INDUSTRY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” on the account of Environment Day, June 5th. Students of BHMCT and BCTCA from 1st year participated in the seminar.


The seminar was held at the college campus covered with environmental posters. Professor K.R. Ramana arrived with sheer enthusiasm emphasized on two major concerns i.e. 

  1. Energy saving in cooking 2. Stop usage of plastic 

Before starting the seminar, a brief yet detailed introduction on Mr. Ramana’s journey, career, paperwork and accolades elucidated by  BCT&CA students as well a small opening skit gulfed fun and reinforced key points of the topic which lead to a more interesting presentation for Prof. K.R. Ramana to dive into the nitty-gritty of energy conservation. The regents seated were quite amused to know the tips and whereabouts of the seminar.


seminar on energy conservation at regency
seminar on energy conservation at regency one of the top culinary college

The workshop had an interesting slideshow on how to conserve energy in cooking, plus a lot of explanations of simple science and adversity of usage of plastic delineated by Professor K.R. Ramana.

Nearing the end of the seminar two videos were played to the regents: a video song on plastic sung by India’s most prolific singers and a video of awareness of plastic by Sadhguru. The regents and professor grooved to the music whilst understanding the meaning and purpose of the entire song.

The purpose of the seminar was to bring awareness of Energy Conservation in Hotels to young minds through energy efficiency with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions. 

Prof K.R.Ramana advised the budding hoteliers to take appropriate measures and initiate to ensure that the wastage of energy is minimized to pursue a clean living environment. Waste to energy conversion is the first step toward sustainable living.


Principal stressed that the workshop is a grand success with a kind consent and presentation of useful content to the student participants. Professor was felicitated by Principal Mr. P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy. 

   -By the end of it all, a written quiz was conducted based on the topic. All the regents did pretty well in the test, the professor said.  Venugoapl, Sai Srinivas from BHMCT, Raju from BCTCA were given prizes for scoring well. The participants really enjoyed the session and enriched their knowledge by the professor’s excellent presentation on the topic. They were impressed by the way the talk was delivered.  It’s really in an organized and lucid manner. Students were motivated and technically strengthened by the presentation. 

Eventually it was a fun day for the regents who’d now gained knowledge on what is important: Conservation of energy and basic science used in daily life.

  • Sherlin David