International yoga day

Yoga, a way of Holistic life

-Yoga, for many people these days is something of a hobby, or some information told by people they know. But yoga has significance so deep, it’s remarkable yet very, very underrated and unappreciated.

-Keeping all this in mind, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management conducted an interactive workshop on Yoga on the occasion of “8th International Yoga Day”. To conduct the workshop, two esteemed guests were invited; Dr. Sumathi and Dr.Indrani from “Addlife, Naturopathy and Yoga department” in association with Basavatarakam Indo- American Cancer Hospital.


-Yoga dates back to the year of 2700 B.C. The term “yoga” has come from two Sanskrit words – “Yuj,” which means” together” and “Yujir”, which means “to unite”. Yoga makes one feel the essence of their very being. It creates harmony and balance in one’s physical, psychological state. Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, improve health, brain function, and etcetera.


Supporting sustainable efforts that combat climate change as well as empowering communities in need is central to the mission of Yoga for Humanity.

 Regency flashed back Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s:  yoga and fitness, who formed a foundation for international cooperation and that it could be used to resolve conflicts. On this note Aspirants of Regency took the oath of working towards life style Management of practicing Yoga. Yoga brings energy & beauty to body, mind and soul. The young Chefs of Regency took pride in participating in the event by following the instruction given by Dr. Sumathi.


– 100 regents from BHMCT, BCTCA and CCCB gathered in college seminar hall, dressed in their white t-shirts, black trousers, along with yoga mats with sheer curiosity and enthusiasm.

There was a Power Point Presentation by a regent and also by Dr. Sumathi emphasizing the origin of yoga which was an integral part in the world spreading a health consciousness, different types of yoga, yogasanas, benefits of doing yoga and the diet for a healthy life.


 The students and guests were addressed by the principal Mr. Ramesh Kumar Reddy. He stressed that yoga has to be implemented from an early age so as to have a discipline in life. He was delighted to see regents’ yogasanas and felicitated bouquet to the instructors. They appreciated the Management and the students for taking up this great initiative of inculcating such thoughts to the younger generation.

-Later on into the workshop, a very fun demonstration of yoga took place. Regents participated with full diligence. Everyone was getting better and better with the exercises as they kept repeating it. It was quite a fun sight to witness.

To conclude the workshop:

-By the end of the session, the regents as well as Team Regency had learned quite a lot about Yoga, yoga asana. It’s about, facts on how to maintain good physical and mental health, breathing techniques and many more. The young minds were enlightened. Needless to say, it was a reveling and memorable day for the regents.