Regency College students are best says Hotel Director

Mr. Vijay Tharavath Director of Rooms From Novotel visited Regency College to judge students Regency College students are best says Hotel Directorwork of Hotel Rooms Model Design and appreciated the students for their unique concepts and ideas for future needs along with sustainable practices. 

Regency College Students Showcase Innovation in Hotel Design

Regency College students impressed industry expert Mr. Vijay Tharavath, Director of Rooms at Novotel, with their forward-thinking hotel room design models. Mr. Tharavath visited the college to judge their work, and he was particularly impressed by their:

Unique and creative concepts: 

The students went beyond traditional designs, showcasing innovative ideas for the future of hotel rooms.

Focus on sustainability: 

They incorporated eco-friendly practices and materials into their designs, demonstrating an awareness of environmental responsibility.

Understanding of future needs: 

The students’ models addressed the evolving needs of hotel guests, such as increased technology integration and personalization.

Mr. Tharavath commended the students on their talent and dedication, noting that their work was some of the best he had seen. He encouraged them to continue pursuing their passion for hospitality and to bring their fresh perspectives to the industry.

This event highlights the strong academic and practical preparation Regency College provides its students. Their hands-on learning experiences and focus on industry trends equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the competitive hospitality field.

Regency College is proud of its students’ achievements and is committed to providing them with the best possible education to prepare them for successful careers in the hospitality industry.