Culinary arts and Hotel management students visit Taj Hotels

My First Visit to Taj Hyderabad

Wah! Taj – Experience the Taj way

“Atithi Devo Bhava” in Sanskrit:   अतिथि देवो भव, Meaning: Guests are equivalent to God. This saying prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship, which embodies the traditional Indian Hindu-Buddhist philosophy of revering guests with the same respect as a god. Such is a dynamic followed in all the Taj hotels and as part of the “hotel visits” aka “Industrial visits” conducted by the most prestigious college in Hyderabad, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management for their 1st year BHMCT and BCT&CA students, took them to visit reputed hotel Taj Krishna.

sherlin of culinart arts
sherlin of culinart arts and hotel management visit hotel Taj

On 3rd June, 2022, 25 regents from both batches of BCT&CA AND BHMCT were taken to visit the Taj Krishna situated at Banjara hills in close proximity to the college. The purpose of this visit was to show the back of the house functions and workings of a hotel, with the realization of their own potential future roles. The regents, for this entire trip, were guided by Mrs. Priya (faculty of Accommodation Operations).

The regents entered the hotel premises through the staff entrance and made their way into the “back of the house” area, meaning, the area that is only meant for staff; an area where staff working takes place. A tour of the engine rooms and electricity rooms took place, followed by a viewing of the laundry room and uniform distribution room and a small peek of the IRD kitchens and the main kitchens.

During all this, all we could hear was the hustling and bustling of the staff and the sheer chaos that took place. It was quite a vivid thing to experience. Moving on, the regents went in batches of three to take a look at a standard luxury room located on the 4th floor of the hotel. The room as it was described to be was indeed, luxurious. It had the view of the city. A floor supervisor explained about the room and cleared any questions or doubts the regents had.

The next area visited, was the beautiful grand lawn which is part of grand ball room with one of the most beautiful flight of stairs which will really make one feel like the main character of a Disney movie or feel the aesthetic of the dark royalty core trope. A banquet hall manager came in and explained his role and the purpose of the ball room, the capacity and the number of halls in the hotel. The next thing viewed was the shopping area where all the luxury brands had their stores there; this was followed by the tour of the specialty restaurants of the hotel: Firdaus, Alfresco and the Golden Dragon.

Firdaus being an Indian restaurant serving Mughalai and Nizami food, where the guests are engulfed in the sheer glory of the food and the ambience of the restaurant including the live performance of Ghazal music was absolutely glorious, one could say. An interactive explanation of the restaurant, its services, was done by Mr. Kenneth, the restaurant manager. All the restaurant tours were followed by a tour of the lobby area and the coffee shop.


-The oldest hotel in the city, Taj Krishna is located in the tiny neighborhood of Banjara Hills. And because of its location, the hotel is surrounded by some of the prominent city attractions such as the Golconda Fort, Salarjung Museum and Hussain Sagar Lake. It has 261 rooms, 8 floors with the presidential suite being the best of the lot with its 24-hour butler service, private swimming pool, separate dining room and roundtables for conferences. The hotel, when viewed from above, is said to be in the shape of a bow and arrow.

Even the floors and walls of the Taj Krishna exude luxury. And in Taj as quoted by Mr. Kenneth restaurant manager at Firdaus restaurant, “At Taj, we never say “no” to a guest.”


-The hotel visit finally ended at 6:00pm with the regents being offered coffee and tea at the hotel’s staff cafeteria. Needless to say, it was an educational and fun visit.  The visit gave regents an opportunity to look inside the life of one working in a hotel and appreciate their service.