I was always fascinated and intrigued by the hospitality industry and in July 2018 I had joined Regency College of Hotel Management which is one of the best and top Hotel Management College in the Telangana, with a dedication to explore the hospitality culture. I chose this college after several interactions with the teaching staff and the management & seeing how keen they were to give their students the right opportunities and exposure 
• Initially we were exposed to the basic operations of the 4 core depts. of the hotels and how they operate in co-ordination with each other.
• The beginning was very exciting….my area of interest has always been front office , but the skills I have acquired from the other departments have helped discover the true essence of the hospitality.
• we were introduced to different world cuisines & the methodology of cooking was not very usual. Each cooking method had a distinct approach and the continental cooking helped me know about the various ingredients and style of preparation of the other countries as well and it was truly beyond ordinary.
• F&B is a dept which taught me about the standard of service and liquors from all across the world. e were infact taken to a real brewery by our college to make us understand how a beer is produced from scratch. It helped me understand how differently each type of beer is made.
• Housekeeping was again a new experience for me.. people often have a misconception that this dept is only restricted to cleaning, but that’s not the case ,we learn about interior and floral designing, colour combination and much more…one gets to know how to plan and arrange a particular area with an aesthetic appeal to it.
Front Office was the most fun and engaging dept as this dept comes face to face with the guests and the staff is expected to be answerable to all the queries the guest has and in order to make that happen one must have a thorough understanding of all the departments. 
•we were thought to operate the software’s which are used to run the department and also to make the guest experience delightful. 
• A front office staff must possess excellent communication skills and also one must have appropriate soft skills and gestures to deal with the guests.
•we had a separate class for our communication and soft spoken skills.
In my 4th semester I had to undergo my industrial training for 4 months…I was quite excited and it was my chance to prove myself and work in a 5 star property with the learnings that I have acquired from my college.
• I was selected to work for Novotel Hicc which is a property of Accor.
• The theoretical and practical knowledge from the college really helped me know the working of a hotel but yet it was challenging as the situations were real and uncertain.. but I was firm in my believe that I was there to make an impact and eventually I did.
•The training helped me to understand the hospitality industry from a wider perspective, I had worked in all the 4 depts of the hotel.
I am currently in my final year of graduation and I have to say that each and every experience of the college has undoubtedly helped me to become what I am as a person.
• I am thankful to my college and staff for always encouraging me to do better and to motivate me to excel.
• Till now we have had many cultural events happening in our college wherein all the students make the events happen with the guidance of our faculty, this has helped us to get the leadership skills which are essential to sustain in this industry.
•The hospitality industry is a really rewarding industry if one is determined to put out their best.
•If you are passionate then no hurdle can slow you down.
• If you  has a desire to learn and out do themselves each day then this industry is for you.
• Being a hotelier is challenging but at the same time it has its perks and the hospitality industry is evergreen and will always will remain like that.
Mohammed Abdul Raheem 
Final Year Regent 
Batch 2018-21
Regency College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology 
6-3-600/A/6, Hill top colony,
Erramanzil,Khairthabad, HYDERABAD
Phone: 9000143340