Regency Emerged as Champions At All India Bakery & Pastry Challenge


23rd ,24th ,25th  of June,2022  HOSPITALITY FIRST had organized a bakery and pastry categorized competition and expo  for all the budding chefs, professional chefs  & home bakers in and around Hyderabad, in association & support  of Telangana Chefs Association sponsored by NESTLE and MORDE chocolate and coco.

The event was held at HITEX EXIBITION HALLS, Hi-tech city Hyderabad. Many start up company’s and brands showed up in the expo presenting their products, machinery, equipments used in bakery and pastry purposes all the way from different states and cities of India.

Every achievement comes with hard work and confronting oneself in every aspect of physical and mental health, competency and their very being, in most cases. And competitions are such scenarios where one may reach absolute heights of greatness and also face the lowest lows of failure. But both are as equally important teachers.

 Keeping the topic of greatness in mind, the best college in Hyderabad, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management has again bagged multiple medals in the Indian Bakery and Pastry Challenge (South India Edition).

Moving ahead Hospitality first has conducted competition for all the budding and professional chefs in 3 categories. They are

  • Artistic Bakery Show Piece
  • Artistic Pastry (chocolate) Show Piece
  • Plated Dessert

GOURMET TOUR: All the participants must register their name and receive their ID cards and enter the hall. Participants are briefed and allocated in different places with tables. Participants are given a time of one and half hour to complete and present their show piece with the setup.

As soon as the timer started the participants rushed to their allocated tables and started working on their show pieces, plating and setup. With a great hard work all the participants completed their showpieces and plating in time and were ready for judgement.

Top-notch bakery and pastry items were plated and showcased by the very hardworking and talented regents of BHMCT and BCT&CA 1st years, as well as the Chefs of Regency took part in this competition and gave tough competition to the leading colleges in and around Hyderabad.

Spectacular and unrealistic chocolate sculptures; delicious, delicate and intricate dessert plating, anything and everything made of bread—one could find it all. The competition’s venue was a cesspool of talent and really makes one wonder about how creative and downright unbelievably remarkable a human’s mind is. Oh, its brilliance.

As soon as the time was up the jury of the Telangana chefs Association started looking around the showpieces and plating and judging the Participants by questioning. As the competition held for 2 days the results were announced on the evening of 26th where Team regency have impeccably performed in the competition and won a total of 8 medals and 2 overall championships in both student and professional categories.

Products were judged on the basis of creativity, hygiene, taste, texture and appearance by esteemed panel of Chefs of high standards and achievements graced the venue with their appearance. Chef Dharmendra Lamba, Executive Chef at Trident as well as members of the association were there; Chef Deepak Chawala, Executive chef at Taj Krishna, Chef Keshi, Chef Naveen and Chef Riswan interacted with the budding chefs and professional chefs to find out the ingredients of the recipes, nutritional value and historical significance of the dishes prepared by them.


The competition was separated into two categories and was graded as such respectively. One was the student category and the other was the professional category.


Artistry Chocolate Showpiece:Gold Medal      –        Mr.Sadiq  (BCT&CA)

Artistic Pastry Show Piece:     Bronze Medal    –       Mr. SaiBhargav (BHMCT)

Cold Plated Dessert:               Silver Medal       –       Ms PreetiDalal  (BHMCT)

Cold Plated Dessert:               Bronze Medal    –       Mr. Jayditya  (BCT&CA)

Artistic Bakery Showpiece:     Bronze Medal     –      Mr. William (BHMCT)



Artistry Chocolate Showpiece:   Gold Medal     –                 Chef Karunakar

Artistic Bakery Showpiece:             Silver Medal     –            Chef Ramesh

Cold Plated Dessert:                         Silver Medal      –             Chef Viswa


The moment results are announced the roof tops of the hall were about explode with the energy of the cheering of the students for victory in the BAKERS BLIZZ COMPETITION was next level and the hype of the students made it much better. All the TCA chefs and the event organizers were impressed seeing the energy of regents.

All the victory and winning wouldn’t be possible without the coordination of team regency and Principal P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy, Chef Brigade. Regency always thinks and wishes for the budding chefs’ endeavours and overall development.