Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” That what Regency is………

“It is a widely held misconception since long that ‘HOSPITALITY’ is a commodity that can be bought from shopping malls or barrowers.  Many Hotel Management colleges also boast they have the commodity. But no. I verified that the exuded products sans this quintessence commodity and the exudates are ill equipped and mismanage themselves auguring disrepute.” This was the welcome address of the chairman of RCHMCT for new entrants. He went on saying that , “We are not vendors, but we share with our students the ethics and etiquettes  of well being by  teaching our students the   ‘OBSEQUIOUSNESS’, the primary ingredient  of Hospitality so that our students are being bought (hired) like hot cakes. Food preparation and eating habits define the culture of people, but hospitality defines the primary social disposition of any person. Our parents teach us ‘RESPECT’ at homes. Now RCHMCT is your home and we parent you.”

The Regency College of Hotel Management faculty sets ‘value systems’ as highest priority among the rest, and teach   the same from day one. The RCHMCT’s paradigm is ‘BE GOOD & WALK TALL’.

The decorum and ambience of RCHMCT premises are very enchanting and one of the best hotel management colleges in Hyderabad. Students and faculty strive for the upkeep of environments in the college. A disciplined family culture is being felt by any guest; care, concern, share, sense of belongingness, ownership, courtesy, affinity, emotional welcoming smile, are spontaneously displayed by the inmates of the college. Protocol procedures in RCHMCT are appealing to comfort any guest or visitor.

RCHMCT is a coeducation college, well equipped with modern infrastructure to impart the best culinary techniques to students from various geographical locations. The   college rigorously follows the curriculum designed by Osmania University. RCHMCT students win laurels in every fest and cultural events organized by local and remote Hotel Management colleges. There are a myriad of Hotels in India where our students are employed. The demands always grow for Hospitality students in many MNCs besides graded hotels and RCHMCT meets those demands. Our alumni and present students give inspiration to us and they are our AMBASSADORS. RCHMCT thrived for 25 years, and has its name and fame to provide consistent Hospitality Education to the YOUNG ASPIRANTS.


Uma Bala