COVID 19 effect on Hotel Management

Redefining Careers In The Hospitality Industry After COVID Pandemic

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COVID 19 effect on Hotel Management









The Hospitality industry is a people-driven industry. One must consider where they want to begin their careers and explore new angles and opportunities in this sector. It is no longer a traditional sector and extends beyond the typical food and beverage/restaurant hotel models.

Hospitality and Tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, and this growth has led to creation of great opportunities for students.

Regency College of Hotel Management grooms students through industry endorsed academic curriculum and intensive service oriented practical classes by faculty with industry experience.

Pandemic Forces Students to Rethink Career Plans:

With the Class 12 board examinations postponed indefinitely, due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, many students are uncertain about what career path they want to choose. Same is the case with their parents who are in a dilemma over the future of their children as the uncertainty prevails.

However, no matter how bad the Covid scenario is, students have to pursue their career plans while battling the pandemic, which is not ending any time soon.

Getting into the positive aspect of life, there are several career options one can choose from and one of them is the Hospitality industry.

The need for Skilled Hospitality Personnel Remains

According to a recent survey of the renowned School of Hospitality which says careers in hospitality post-COVID, stresses the fact that there is always a need for skilled personnel and the industry will recover and bounce back. With new changes, Hospitality Graduates will soon adapt to the new ways of the industry, which is set to move.

Hospitality graduates are not – and will not- be limited to working in just hotels. there will be even more work opportunities in food services, arts, entertainment, recreation, banking & finance, travel & tourism, beauty & wellness, consulting, private equity, automobiles, aviation, luxury &retail, restaurants, and even entrepreneurship.

The industry has always had a lot to offer to those who wish to pursue services, and as rebuilding efforts get well underway, graduates will find more opportunities and potential for career growth than ever before.

With great demand for Hospitality Education Regency College established in 1994 affiliated to Osmania University has always been striving to give Best Professionals to the Industry. The College is associated with Top Brands of Hotels like Taj, Accor Marriott, Oberoi’s, Hyatt, Hilton and many more Domestic and International hotel chains who recruit students from Regency.

Any Institutions alumni are key to its growth, we at RCHMCT are focussed on giving a global experience to our students. Several alumni who have passed out from Regency have accomplished great careers as CEO, General Managers, Corporate Chefs, Rooms Division Director etc..

Regency College of Hotel Management and catering technology is an abode of an excellent and well-rounded academic academic course always included extra-curricular activities as a part of the main course to provide the students with the essential information as well as a way for them to develop and streamline their various skills develop their personalities and character.

This is why RCHMCT ensure that extra-curricular activities ranging from participating the State and National Level Hospitality Competition our students have proved by bagging First Position at Hospitality Ensemble – New Delhi, Gold Medal in South India Culinary Association competition. Silver Medal at Aurangabad during 2019-20.

Hospitality and Soft Skills in Demand Across all Industries. Traditionally, hospitality education was known to have imparted a set of disciplines and skill sets, which would prepare the graduates for the hotel industry in particular.

However, with changing times, this has evolved further and students can choose from a plethora of career opportunities in this industry, which is more customer-centric now.

With added soft skills training, the use of technology, and the all-round development of the student to handle any kind of workplace scenarios, we at Regency College of Hotel Management ensure that students are future-ready. The college puts forth the best and unique training modules which enables the students to develop group discussion, extempore, public speaking skills and facilitate better communication which makes our students competent and stand above all the students of other Catering College students in the state.

This state of Art Training Skills to enhance their employability is uniquely designed by the best teaching faculty who are possess great knowledge and skills sets to train students. The consistent performance of the College students since 27 years at the university examinations also speaks volumes about the academic and practical knowledge imparted to students of Regency.

Focus on developing leadership skills, understanding critical situations and prioritising, research and analysis, time management, human emotions and responding to situations, understanding the new norms of COVID protocol are the latest skill sets we focus on to make our graduates a benefit to any team or workplace they head to. These life skills are something that stays with them as they grow up their career ladder.

Higher opportunities in Hospitality after COVID-19:

According to a International survey, an online career-counselling platform in 2020-21, showed that the majority of Indian students are aware of only seven career paths, even though there are 250 career options that can be pursued in India — most new and in-demand. Out of these seven career options were standard engineering, medicine, accounts and finance, law, design, computer applications and IT, and management.

Students are still unaware of the prospects of higher opportunities in the Hospitality industry, which has undergone a sea of change over the two decades.

Hotel management graduates are needed not just in the hotels, but in resorts, airlines, cruises, clubs, pubs, food cafes, restaurants etc.

Some of them go on to become successful ‘foodpreneurs’ and redefined the way the food and restaurant industry works. Skilled hotel management graduates are considered to be the backbone of the hospitality industry.

The need to recognise Hotel Industry in the frontline of COVID care

There is an urgent need to recognise the employees of the Hotel Industry along with the frontline warriors ever since the pandemic broke out last year. It is known that hotels have tied up with hospitals, government authorities, and private sector companies to open its doors across cities as self-isolation and quarantine centres and offer a safe stay for Covid-19 positive patients. Hotels also accommodate the relatives of these patients near hospitals and several other medical facilities where they are undergoing treatment.

It’s not just about  bedding, folded napkins and fresh towels, the housekeeping department of a hotel performs a crucial role in keeping the environment sanitised, follow the mandatory Covid protocols and can be considered as frontline staff as far as fighting the Covid-19 pandemic goes.

When it comes to talking about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Hotel Management and the allied institutions of the hospitality industry, there is a need to constantly review new skills requirements that are relevant.

This apart it is also imperative to ensure that the set of courses is future-ready, and have it incorporated into the core curriculum of the hotel management school.