“Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.” That is what it takes to be a regent. Not once or twice but continuously for the past two decades regency has won numerous competitions across the nation. RCHMCT has been a pioneer of various accolades and is one of the top colleges in Hyderabad.

Regency at Gujarat:

Regency never steps back to budding chefs to showcase the CHEFTASTICS –a unique style of culinary skills. Principal of Regency Mr. P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy always encourages students to participate in such a national level competitions. Students at regency with the same spirit participated in a culinary competition at Auro University in various categories against 15 of the best colleges throughout nation for 3 days from 23th to 25th January, 2023.

Top- Notch Performance at Auro University: “A winning effort begins with preparation.” The students under the guidance of the chef brigade headed by Chef Cyril began to prepare for the competition weeks prior. They were also mentored for the House Keeping competition by Mrs. Priya and for the rooms division by Mrs. Manjhari. The student’s dedication to win the competition is what made them work hard.

Participants’ performance would be judged on the basis of Presentation, Execution, Appearance, &Time management. They displayed unbridled enthusiasm and excellent team spirit. The budding chefs had the chance to show their great creativity in preparing and presenting their dishes.

All the participants waited with bated breath for the judges’ decision who had a tough time in deciding the winner. Final year Regents banged the following credits at Auro University:

sno Theme Medal Names of the students


Design Your Room Mood   Gold –      N.Shravanth Reddy  

–      Shristi Mishra

 2 Incredible India   Gold –     B.Hemanth Goud          

–     K.Janardhan

–     Ankita Prajapati




Vedic Pot Meal



–       B.Hemanth Goud

–     K.Janardhan







–    N.Shravanth Reddy

–    K.Janardhan

Amour-Propre for Regency

The jury at Auro University competition was flabbergasted by the stunning performance of Regents. They exclaimed that they had never seen such astonishing plating from students of hotel management. Regents with exemplary skills and professionalism stood runner up in overall championship.

The competitors along with Chef Karunakar and Chef Ajith received a huge welcome from their fellow friends and faculty. Chef Karunakar exclaimed that the students’ with will and determination made them to win the championship. Even though Regents titled runner up, they still mesmerized everyone with their exceptional performance,

Chef Cyril further explained the efforts put both by the students and chef brigade, and stressed on the importance of participation in such national level competitions. Chef further expounded that the feeling of winning at national level is something that one should work hard for. Principal P.Ramesh Kumar Reddy and team regency applauded the competitors and the assistants. He further stated that Regency has been setting benchmarks for the past decades and will continue to do so.

The competition was vigorous yet fruitful for the competitors where they learned many things at national level. The opportunity of a lifetime can be earned through honest effort and dedication. Regency once again proved to be the best colleges across India.

Ritheesh Jasthi