Chef Ramesh Yadav

Chef Ramesh Yadav

Celebrating 25 years!

Reminiscene an ode in the journey of my career at Regency College of Hotel Management.

The golden period of my sojourn between 2007 to 2012. Made a marked difference as I was seeing a New Frontiers in the catering colleges of Hyderabad.
At Regency I took the opportunities to develop skills, innovations for all round development of not just the students but also their august Institution.
My strong forte being food production made me trust forward with enthusiasm, incorporating new ideas, techniques in Culinary Arts.
I’m greatly indebted to the management of Regency college who bestowed gave me the platform to showcase my skills and above all trust in me, which led to the contribution of success, growth, development, which culminated in to Awards, Rewards and Accolades.

Wishing many more jubiliant years to come surge forward with glory and pride Regency college of hotel management..

A Legend to Reckon!.

Thanks and best wishes to

Mr. Ramesh Kumar reddy
And his team…🙏