Sankranthi Festival

Date: 7th Jan’2019

Regency Vari Sankranti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 years old Regency College of Hotel Management & CT Welcomed festive seasons with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal in the college campus located at on the rocks of Hill Top Colony, Near the Taj Krishna Hotel, Khairtabad. / We at Regency arranged a Food Festival on 10th Jan on the occasion of Sankranti. The Chief Guests were from the NEW Telugu Movie scheduled to release in February “Bom Bhaat ”. Directed by Mr. Raghavendra Varma Simran Chowdhary (Heroine), Sushant Reddy(Hero)), Ms Sandhya Janak Character Artist, who acted in the famous Nandi Award Movie Arujan Reddy, Mr. Abhinav Janak (Hero)  Josh Music Director Writer Akash, Regency Alumni Kabir Rafi Music Director & Mohd Zubair Ali Food Blogger & Enthusiast were the ones present at Regency Vari Sankranti Sandadi at its campus.

Culture and Traditions in India:

India has a rich culture and that has become our identity. Be it in religion, art, intellectual achievements, or performing arts, it has made us a colorful, rich, and diverse nation Today, India stands as a powerful and multi-cultured society as it has absorbed many cultures and moved on. Although people are turning modern today, hold on to moral values and celebrate the festivals according to customs. Makar Sankranti celebrations coincide with many harvest festivals celebrated across the country during the same time with unique regional variations. Lohri in Punjab, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Bhogali Bihu in Assam are all harvest festival that marks the significant shift in season that happens around this time. Like every festival in India. To make the students aware of the authenticity of Culture, Tradition, and Food Regents celebrated REGENCY VARI SANKRANTI, these events are possible only at Best Hotel Management College in Hyderabad 


A Beautiful display of the village atmosphere was shown using locally available ingredients, fruits, and vegetables. The Rangoli or the Muggu which is supposed to be very auspicious for this festival was made with flowers and food grains too. Utmost creativity was depicted by all the young chefs and budding hoteliers. The entire ambiance of the event made each one of the guests feel that they are in their village/Hometown in the countryside, the lifestyle of a Typical Village house, A well & setups, props of the famous “BOMMALA KOLUVU”, the Live COCK FIGHT, Bonfire of BHOGI, and the entire festive scene of SANKRANTI was created & themed by the students. Competitions were conducted for students on Kite Designing, and Floral Rangoli, and the winners were awarded.


The students all dressed up in Festive attire the Pancha Kattu Boys & Girls Dressed in traditional Langa Voni welcomed the entire guest traditionally. The event kickstarted with a traditional Welcome Dance followed by Folk dance and the music thronged was resonating with this festive atmosphere. The students performed with a lot of joy and happiness. The college campus had the at most liveliness. Sankranti Basavanna and Hari Dasu enlightened the students with their moves. 


Makar Sankranti too has a host of signature delicacies prepared exclusively to celebrate the auspicious festival. 

The entire food preparation & display was so colorful and eye-appealing that most of the guests couldn’t turn their eyes off. The focal point of the food setup was all around the centerpieces of the display which were made with food grains and edible foods.. The Chefs of Regency prepared 100 Dishes (Pindivantalu) in which there were lip smacking Authentic Savories Arisalu, Bobbatlu, Sweet Pongal,, Jantakalu festival starters Chegodi, Murkulu, 10 Varieties of Pickles&Podis, live counter of Uttanki, Munntha Masala, Chana Palli Masala, Chitti Ponnganalu and the authentic Sweet Pongal the Sankranti Delicacy was served hot. All the savories were prepared and served to guests with utmost care and festive touch, in a BANANA LEAF. Makar Sankranti celebrations are never complete without its round of til(sesame) and gur (jaggerydelicacies. Both these ingredients are prized in Ayurveda as two of the most winter-perfect foods that help to keep the body warm and also increase immunity at the same time.

The guests who witnessed the event appreciated the students and faculty who at one roof brought the entire picturesque scene of SANKRANTI. Principal Mr. Ramesh Kumar Reddy said that these kinds of festival celebrations are encouraged to bring togetherness, passion of creativity, team building spirit, learning and honing hospitality traits, which are necessary for the entire students and create employment opportunities, make them emerge as aspiring professionals. Regency College of Hotel Management provides 100% placement opportunities and prepares aspiring Hoteliers.