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Sayantoni Mazumder My Expedition at Regency

My Expedition at Regency

of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, the top college in Hyderabad has conducted Orientation program for the new batch of 2022-23. The college conducted Orientation Program on 22 September. It was held at college campus, the entire seminar hall was decorated with balloons.
Snacks and beverages were also prepared as well as served by the second year students of Regency.


As all the students were entering the seminar hall there was a wonderful chemistry of excitement and nervousness in the eyes of the students, as they started to settle down they were wholeheartedly welcomed and were offered very refreshing beverage. At first the second year student started speech and then entered the two most dynamic and happening personality Mr. Shankar Naidu and Mr. Dilip who immediately with the presence as well as positive influence won the heart of all the students and soon the Orientation begins…

All the students were made to introduce themselves with each other to break through their boundaries and explore the world of possibilities. Various activities were conducted to make the newly joined students to open up to their fullest capacities so that they could explore and improve their hidden talents which they possess. Each and every students participated in various activities such as poem recitation, dancing, singing, group activities and what not.

At the end of the day all the students went home with a smile on their face courage in their hearts and confidence in themselves. All of this became possible because of our honorable Principle Sir, H.O.D madam, faculty members, second year students and at last but not the least our very own trainers Mr. Shankar Naidu and Mr. Dilip.

DAY 2 THE FIRST STEP-23 September

As the second day of the orientation started students were so excited to experience what is coming next, as the day begins with cheers and laughter all the students got informed that two most highly skilled and successful personalities in their individual fields of career in the world of culinary and hotel industry, were visiting REGENCY COLLEGE to address the fresh minds of the students of next generation of culinary arts and hotel industry.

With energetic claps students welcomed Chef Balvinder Pal Singh, who is an executive chef at Marriott and and Courtyard Hyderabad. Chef Balvinder accomplished the position of executive chef in just a 7 years of his career as a chef which is a huge achievement. As Chef Balvinder started addressing the students he shared his experiences as well as a gimps of his childhood and his journey in the world of culinary art. Chef Balvinder gave such valuable on advice to the young minds of Regency that hard and smart work with added passion and dedication towards every work whether it’s big or small; the attitude should remain the same. To have hunger for knowledge and keep learning new skills as the time came to an end and it was time to say our goodbye with eyes full of hopes and passion we thanked Chef Balvinder Pal Singh to make time out of his busy schedule only to encourage students of Regency, we all assembled to take a group picture with Chef Balvinder and clapped as he leaves us with passion and hope inside the youth.


The day started with activities to teach the students group work, clear communication, empathy, smart work, quick decision making, and quick response.

After a short break it was time of another powerful guest speaker who is none other than Mrs. Maya Dhal who is presently working at Park Hyatt as Learning and Development Manager. As soon as she entered the seminar hall all the students welcomed Mrs. Maya with lots of enthusiasm, Mrs. Maya talked about how safe and secure women are in Hotel Industries. She made it very loud and clear that the hotels are 24/7 under CC.T.V surveillance as well as all the employees are being educated about women safety & security at the priority not only that a female security guard will also be escorting women employee in case she working for late night shifts, (travelling facilities will be provided as well). Her words made all the young girls face lift up with proudness for being a women and for making a correct decision of choosing Hotel Industry. As the day came to an end all the students joined together and captured memories of Mrs. Maya in pictures.

DAY 4 WINGS SET TO FLY – 25 September

Finally this day arrived when students were so excited and overwhelmed at the same time because today was the last day of the Orientation Program. It was exciting as students will finally be able to start their journey in the Hotel Industry and emotional because today is the day when they have to say there goodbye to their beloved trainers Mr. Shankar sir and Mr. Dilip sir for leaving as the program has reached its destination. Even then the students were engaged into fun activities followed by a short break in between for snacks & beverage prepared by the second year students.

Soon after that all the students were engaged into group performance and as the day ends all the students came together with overwhelming hearts and captured the memories of this four wonderful days in their heart, mind and soul. Everyone took photograph with Mr. Shankar and Mr. Dilip which will remind them of how wonderful and dynamic personality they were and how is such a small span of time they taught such valuable lessons to the young budding hoteliers which will definitely help them in their studies as well as throughout their career and life.

I would like to say that as being a part of this Orientation Program I felt so welcomed and overjoyed as Regency became my second home and not just a place I go and study just to accrue knowledge. These wonderful memories will always remain in my heart as I keep growing and improving in my academies, career and as an individual person.

Thank You

Sayantoni Mazumder