Dreams in Hotel industry….

There is saying “Dreams are not what you see when you sleep, Dreams are something that does not let you sleep”.

Everyone’s life starts with one or the dream. Also in hospitality industry many people get into it to become something. Although there are many several sector in hospitality industry Hotel industry is one of the rapidly growing industry where the service of the guest is main motto. Many of the youngsters are showing interest towards this industry with an intention of becoming something in their life or to start up their own business or with the passion on cooking and study in a right & perfect hotel management colleges in Hyderabad, India. I refer Regency College of Hotel Management to be successful in this industry, first and foremost thing that one need to have is discipline, communication skills, patience next comes physical stamina, skills and knowledge. With having these qualities one can become a successful hotelier. When it comes to people who wanted to become an entrepreneur i.e. people who wanted to start their business also they need to have knowledge on every operation that happens in an organisation. Someone cannot just start their business just after completion of their BHMCT -Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. One needs to have a very good knowledge and also a good experience in work. To gain that experience one need work in all positions i.e. from a very lowest level of worker to highest designation by the time he reaches there he will be almost aware of all kinds of people and also various techniques and many different ways to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not just about owning a business or an organisation its being a leader and leading your team towards victory be it financially of in terms of goodwill.

These all becomes possible only when your dream does not become a job for you. Many people at initial stage of their career they will be fully enthusiastic that they are going to live their dream. But later when they get exposed to the real world they start complaining about the work pressure also physical stress and eventually the dream becomes a 9 to 5 job. To avoid these one need to aim for a higher position but not for higher salary. Don’t run behind money follow your dream money will definitely run behind you…                                                                            



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