Best Presentation by Culinary Arts & Hotel Management students at Hyderabad

Culinary Arts Students Showcase ther Cooking skills at Regency

Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management is one of the top Hotel Management colleges in Hyderabad where I got an opportunity to participate in the “Budding Chef competition in the college lobby on 23-03-2022 with a buzz of activity.

Participation:  Passionate and vibrant in Culinary, I participated in budding chef competition to prove myself and display excellence in taste.

Target Time:  I started to cook at 8am and was given two hours to showcase the setup. An hour after our team started plating and presenting of food to make it more appetising.

Theme: The theme for my display was “Taste of India: Unity in Diversity”.  I prepared   varieties of recipes which represented different states and their significance.

Regional recipes:  Prepared authentic and traditional food to exhibit the utmost display.

Telangana Sheerkurma and watermelon juice
Kashmir Saffron rice
Karnataka Shrimp gravy with coconut milk and garlic chutney
Andhra Pradesh Country sandwich named Vada with Chicken.

Drumsticks pulp curry

Maharashtra Moong Dhal parata
West Bengal Bodhi raita
Kanya kumari Stuufed lamb which is stuffed snake guard

Props to Display:  The clay pots and brass utensils are replica of the legitimacy of Indian culture and tradition. India known as the spice capital of the world; varieties of palatable spices are used for flavour, colour and preservative showcased in wooden box. Significant cereals and pulses stuck to India map and a college logo made of grains added beauty to my display.

Made a Plan: It’s a challenge to sustain on the points such as flavour, texture, consistency, doneness, creativity, menu and ingredient compatibility, portion size and nutritional balance, serving method and presentation, organisation, cooking techniques and execution, proper utilisation of ingredients, time management, garbage segregation and scullery or washing up.

The competition really helped me in tapping into my creativity and finding an innovative and fresh idea to bring great, healthy and organic ingredients together and form a gourmet dish. I learnt about the health benefits of the key ingredients as well as how we can focus on making our gourmet food healthier while matching the trends of modern society.

 Appreciations: Principal P.Ramesh Kumar Reddy and HOD’s extremely overwhelmed by the creativity and innovative display.  They meticulously graded each dish while asking relevant questions. I tried my level best to answer them with an appropriate answer.  They also motivated and appreciated me to showcase the skills and to achieve a specific goal with a positive attitude.

Outcome of the Competition: By participating in Budding Chef Competition I hone skills and enhance to present the best in a formative manner. My heartfelt regards to Regency college for giving me this wonderful platform to prove myself.