Bathukamma Festival by Hotel Management and culinary arts students

regency college

Bathukamma Celebrations Galore  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 year old Regency College of Hotel Management & CT Welcomed festive seasons with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal in college campus located at on the rocks of Hill Top Colony, Near Taj Krishna Hotel,Khairtabad. We love the liveliness that is brought by such occasions. We at Regency arranged Bathukamma Festival (Festival of flowers) Bathukamma is the floral festival for women celebrated in the state of Telangana. It is symbolic of the beauty and eternal glory of Goddess Gauri -the ultimate patron of womanhood.

Culture and Traditions in India:

India has a rich culture and that has become our identity. Be it in religion, art, intellectual achievements, or performing arts, it has made us a colorful, rich, and diverse nation Today, India stands as a powerful and multi-cultured society as it has absorbed many cultures and moved on. To make the students aware of the authenticity of Culture, Tradition and Food Regents celebrated Bathukamma at REGENCY camouflaging the Initiative announced by Honble Chief Minister K Chandhra Shekar Rao since the formation of the 29th State that the festival needs to be celebrated in a befitting manner in educational institutions.  This year Regents also is celebrating Bathukamma



The ‘Bathukamma ‘or the flower arrangement was made by the girl students. It is a conical arrangement of flowers that are placed in seven concentric rings in a clay pot. The top of the arrangement was decorated with a pumpkin flower and a lump of turmeric. On the day of the festival, young unmarried girls dance around these Bathukammas singing traditional songs and stories from the past. Thereafter these cones are set afloat in the river after worshipping Goddess Gauri with flowers and sweets.


Colours, water and flowers are an integral part of this festival. Women wore pattu saris and adorned themselves with gold jewellery. Young girls dressed in the traditional ‘Langa Oni’ meaning the half sarees during the rituals. Married women exchange kumkum and turmeric on each other’s face after the Bathukamma is immersed in water.


Different cultural activities like dance, music and theatres are organized during Bathukamma. Local street plays called ‘jataras’ are an important watch out during this time. Special Bathukamma songs are sung during the celebration. The entire celebrations was wonder fully presented by the lady faculty and students of Team Regency

A special sweet dish called maleeda made up of jaggery was made for this festival and distributed among team regency.

The guests and team who witnessed the event appreciated the students and faculty who at one roof brought the entire picturesque live celebrations of Bathukamma Principal Mr. Ramesh Kumar Reddy said that these kinds of festival celebrations are encouraged to bring togetherness, passion of creativity, team building spirit, learning and honing hospitality awareness & traits, which are necessary for the all the students especially first years and creates awareness about Bangaru Telangana culture and how we celebrate this festival of flowers Bathukamma, The College has emerged out to be best since two decades which has made many young boys and girls to emerge out as aspiring Hotel and Retail professionals. The College provides 100% placement opportunities both India and Abroad to aspiring undergraduates who want to pursue Hotel Management Course.