On Saturday the 29th of July,2nd year Regents organized an Awadh Food Festival to explore the culture, tradition and Cuisine of Lucknow which was entitled as “The Royal Regency Durbar.”
It was an authentic view of Lucknow in our property along with a display street view of varieties of food along with a Durbar Pan Mahal which stood as an emporium for the event.
The Royal Durbar setup was at most gracious and the decorum was up to the mark. The eminent Faculty Culinary Team of Regency ransacked the Awadhi Cuisine handpicked 65 dishes to bring awareness to students about changing trend of how the world eats Indian Food.
We had guests who were the Guest of Honor for the day from different places like:
1. Mrs. Madhavi Munge (Assistant Hr Director at Le Meridian )
2. Ramakrishna ( Sous Chef at Hyatt)
3. Dolphy Lobo (Executive Chef at Le Meridian)
4. Mr. Alok Kar (Food and Beverage Manager at Le Meridian)
5. Anjani Rahul (Executive chef at Okra Hotel)
6. Siddham an NGO