My Dream to become a Jyoschna

College is always a starting point so what people forget is that you go to A College to build a foundation, and you want to build a foundation that’s not going to crumble. My Dream to become a chef… the journey which started in 2019. Growing up in a traditional town of Odisha, I was always fascinated towards its tradition, customs and mostly its Cuisine. That is when my interest towards cooking began. As a small girl I always used to stand beside my mother whenever she used to cook, and always choose watching cooking shows over cartoons. From chopping the vegetables to cooking, garnishing and presenting it to table, I always used to get my hands over everything. Unlike many students in my town who went to become doctor, engineer, architect I was the odd one to choose hotel industry. But I was so grateful to my parents and my uncle who did not question my choice of career and always encouraged me to live my dream. Slowly knowing each and everything about hotel industry I became more passionate and soon after my intermediate I knew that hospitality industry is the place where I can live my passion and love my job. I began searching more about hotel management courses and hotel management colleges  and I was amazed to know how Jobs In hotel industry isn’t all about just cooking, there is much more to it.  Continually welcoming new guests to the hotel means each day is filled with different challenges and requests which keep your working day interesting. Opportunities within hotel management are endless. One could work for an independent or chain hotel, become a General Manager or manage specific departments, and work in a variety of locations such as big cities both within the Country and outside too.   So, I decided to look no further and step out of my town and came to Hyderabad to my uncle’s place to join a good college & Top College and we came to Regency College of Hotel Management Hyderabad. It was tough for us to choose the best college out of so many options I saw In Hyderabad. While going through many good reviews of Regency College we decided to visit the college and that how I joined Regency. I am currently in Second year student of my college and I am growing more confident each year. Through out these two years I have learned a lot about industry and evaluated myself that I am at my best and enjoy a lot when I am cooking. My aspiration is to become a chef. The Placement Opportunities shown by Regency are consistent and shapes up a student’s career, jobs can be many but Passion drives you right place. I know the journey of becoming a Chef is too tough but now that I decided I will walk through this path and achieve success. I am aware being a girl working in Culinary Department is very challenging but with confidence and training instilled by Regency I am sure I will travel. I know I have a long way to go in my career, but passing each year and the learning experience gives me  confidence and motivation to become a good chef one day.

Y. Jyoschna Priya.