Hotel Management Career Options Industry Wise

The job role of a hotel management student is not only limited to hotels but they also have an opportunity to work for various other industries where their skills and talents are welcomed with open hearts and arms. Due to the immense growth in the hospitality industry, the present market needs more hotel managers than ever.

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Hotel Management Career Options Industry Wise

Hotel management career opportunities include – working with the food and beverage service, front desk office, hotel operations, finance, sales, accounting, and marketing, etc. The employees of the hotel and hospitality industry enjoy good remuneration as compared to other industries. Working in the hotel industry involves good incentives, rewards, tips, and perks.

Now, let us see the top 15 areas/industries where a hotel management student can easily get access to or in layman’s terms – the top 15 industries/areas where an aspiring or existing hotel management student can work to live a happier life.

Here are top 15 career options are available for hotel management graduates:

  1. Managing a Hotel

After completing the degree of hotel management you would be most likely to work as a hotel manager. Now, as a hotel manager, you would have to manage the daily operations of a hotel, handle its finance, maintain its high standard, set up the prices of hotel rooms, manage the staff, interact with guests, and more. A hotel manager needs to have a strong and charming personality with shrewd decision-making skills that would help them flourish in this particular niche. 

  1. Catering Management& Hospital Administration

This is a different niche. In this domain, a hotel management student can thrive keeping the basics of catering and administration in mind. The present pandemic scenario demands more catering managers and hospital administrators so it is a golden opportunity to pursue hotel management. In the impending future, the demand is going to rise drastically. A catering manager leads the team of caterers and chefs, as well as they, are responsible for catering services and operations whereas a hospital administrator has to oversee and manage most of the administrative tasks in a hotel including finance and operations. 

  1. Managing a Club:

Club managers are the ones responsible to maintain and manage the daily operations of a club. They must maintain the optimal operations that include health and fitness clubs too. A club manager monitors a team of associates and assistants so that the club members are happy with the existing and upcoming services of a club. A club manager must be confident and possess very good communication skills. 

  1. Cabin Operations and Airline Catering

An airline catering manager is responsible to maintain the high standard of food delivered to the passengers and crew members. They must ensure that the food is hygienic and the flight passengers enjoy their meal so that they will come to the same airline services again and again. A cabin operations manager is responsible to maintain the safety of an airline cabin. This includes keeping the flight clean and taking care of crew members. 

  1. Guesthouses

Guesthouse managers are personnel who are concerned with managing and running a guest house. They are also responsible to take care of the daily operations involved in a guest house such as housekeeping, performing hygiene checks, managing the staff, and more. They also handle bookings and deal or interact with new and existing customers. 

  1. Cruise Hotel Management

A cruise hotel manager is a job role perfect for all the candidates who love to travel and spend their time in seas and oceans. A cruise hotel manager has to maintain the high standards of a cruise, manage the staff, oversee daily cruise operations, interact with guests, and make sure they are enjoying their stay on the cruise. A cruise hotel manager has to know how a cruise works within departments and its various operations.

  1. Services in Forest Lodging

A forest lodging manager has to check whether or not the grounds, restrooms, and public areas are cleaned and maintained in a good fashion so that the guests enjoy their time. At times, a forest lodging manager has to arrange vehicles for the guests so that they can enjoy the forest tours with their family or friends.

  1. Catering and Hotel Institution

A catering and hotel institution manager is responsible to manage a hotel and its related catering services. They have to ensure that the food being delivered to the guests is of high quality and hygienic. This helps in retaining a customer and every time they visit a city they would visit that particular hotel because the guests are aware of its amazing customer service.

  1. Managing Railways Catering

Indian Railways is Asia’s largest and world’s second-biggest railway industry. The scope of working in railways as a catering manager is enticing as the perks are virtually limitless. A railway catering manager ensures that the food served to the passengers is of high quality and maintains all kinds of hygiene and routine check. They sometimes work permanently and at times of contract.

10.Tourism And Hotel Industry

A tourism and hotel manager interacts with the guests and ensures that their stay is pleasant. A tourism manager is concerned with all aspects of tourism such as arranging stay and vehicle for the guests and a hotel manager has to deal with daily operations, finance, managing the staff members, maintain its standard, and much more.

  1. Entrepreneurship

After pursuing your hotel management you can venture into entrepreneurship. If you have sufficient capital or you are willing to take a risk then you can open a hotel or a restaurant of yours and generate enough ROI so that your business runs in a frictionless manner. You can also take a loan from the market and when you have generated enough income you can pay back to the lenders with their interest or share of profit.

  1. Consulting Hotels

You can work as a freelancer and consult hotels on how to effectively utilize the hotel staff, hotel operations, how to run a hotel within departments, how to manage and handle hotel challenges, how to set up the pricing of hotel rooms, and more. So, in short, you are taking the responsibility of a hotel manager without being the permanent employee of a hotel.

  1. Government Jobs

Many aspiring students might think that after completing hotel management they will be a part of the public sector but that’s not the case. Nowadays, most of the reputed and world-famous hotel chains are managed by the government, and hotel managers have to play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of those 3 or 5-star hotels.

  1. Retail Management

The skills of a hotel manager allow them to work for the retail industry as well. A retail or store manager is responsible to manage the staff members and look over the daily operations of a retail store including finance. A retail manager is a highly demanding job and generally, they report to an area or the general manager.

  1. Food and Beverage Services

A food and beverage manager has to look after a restaurant or a hotel and take care of the available food and beverages for the guests. They must ensure that the food being served to the guests pass every hygiene check and has enough nutritional value. They are also concerned with the financial aspects of a restaurant and at times, they have to plan and forecast the planning, controlling, and ordering of food and beverage items.