sai kumar

Graduated From Regency College of Hotel management- M.SAI KUMAR.

Graduating from Regency, I worked as a Culinary Associate in St. Regis Dubai and now I am the Executive chef for Westin Mount Laurel, New Jersey,USA.
I would like to start by thanking the entire Regency Team for giving me a wonderful career..Before joining in Regency, As like everyone I was also a normal, shy middle class boy. College environment changed me in ways of Attitude, Respect, Discipline and Self Defense Skills which reflects in what I am today. Today I am very proud and happy to say that I am the Alumni of Regency and thank you so much for supporting me.. I just want share one thing with my junior’s ” never ever give up in your life” try hard and harder until u get it done because in life nothing comes easy. So keep focusing and be confident at ur work. Thank you.