Cruise Ship Campus Interviews


“Be so skilled that no one can ignore you”

Genuine hard work and skills will bring million opportunities to success. Students of one of the best colleges in India, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management are prone to those opportunities. On 10-09-2022 the current passing out batch and the alumni of Regency gathered at the college to give their shot in the interview conducted by the P&O Cruise.


The eminent P&O cruise (Carnival Corporation), the collaboration of Regency and The P&O Cruise is just A-1 – the best of the best.The interviewer from the prestigious Cruise was Mr Mahesh Swaminathan, the training manager and the HR. Mr Mahesh’s approach to the students was very warm, he made the interview less stressful for the students without breaking any professional barriers.

20 students from the BHMCT, CCCB of 2019-22 and the alumni of Regency attended the interview at the Regency campus. 14 out of the 20 made it through the interview and got placed in the P&O  are ready to hit the road of their professional journey in the hotel industry. This is not the first time that Regents step foot in the Cruise ships – Regency kept serving the P&O with skilled and talented hoteliers. Mr Mahesh cherished his movements with the college and the students and also had a delicious feast with the college management.

The list of regents that’ll be on board with the P&O Cruise:

  1. Relin
  2. Amal
  3. V Venkatesh
  4. Bhasker
  5. Sidda Manish
  6. P Venkatesh
  7. Sashivardhan Reddy
  8. Purnachander
  9. Anil Goud
  10. Janavardhan Reddy
  11. P Venkatakrishna Reddy
  12. Vikas Reddy
  13. Moumita Roy

Mr Mahesh gave his best wishes and added that he’ll be looking forward to meet the students soon as employees. Mr Mahesh along with the faculty hit the Radiance Restaurant and had a delicious feast. Bidding farewell to his soon to be employees Mr Mahesh left Regency.

Despite having to study amid the covid crisis the youngsters carved a niche in the industry. The faculty and team Regency heartily congratulated and praised the students to which the students politely gave all the credits to the faculty. These sweet moments will soon be memories that they’ll cherish and look back to. Students left the gates proud as punch totally excited to share the news to their parents, near and dear ones.

Principal of the college Mr. P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy urged that the College has emerged out to be best since two decades which has made many young boys and girls to emerge out as aspiring Hotel and Retail professionals. The College provides 100% placement opportunities both India and abroad to aspiring undergraduates who want to pursue Hotel Management Course.