Christmas Cake Press Note By Sakshi Media

sakshi coverage at regency college


 A 27 years old renowned institution affiliated to Osmania University and also well known to encourage students into co curricular and extracurricular activities  HOSTED CHRISTMAS CAKE MIXING  at its college campus on 4th December’2021. Cake Mixing is a ritual performed to welcome HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY.

History Behind Cake Mixing -The ceremony heralds the festive season of Christmas and captures the spirit of New Year. During this ceremony, the chefs, all the executives and sometimes even celebrity guests participate in this ritual tirelessly. The more to mix, the merrier the feat!

About the Culture and Tradition of Cake Mixing Team Regency organized the Cake Mixing An interesting array of fruits (raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, tutti-frutti, black currants, dates, dried apricots, figs and prunes), nuts (walnuts, cashew, almond flakes and pistachio) and spices (ground cardamom, cinnamon and cloves) went into a huge cauldron. Endless bottles of spirits and syrups like golden syrup, molasses, honey and vanilla essence were poured into the mix while a number of masked faces with gloved hands kneaded the concoction. The cake mixing ceremony is a community event. The entire Seminar Hall was decked in Christmas Theme

Theme: This year the budding culinary chefs came up with an idea of infusing Social Media and its role in the life of young students. The student chefs made 10 Feet stands which were holding 15 different varieties of dry fruits, raisins decorated as logos of Face Book, Snap Chat, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, What’s up , You Tube & Instagram. Social Media fosters Empathy, Speedy Communication, helps you build relationships and has become very versatile. Hospitality Industry across the world is using Social Media platforms in Buzz building which has become an essential factor. So culminating the importance of social media Regency came up with this idea. 

Decor: The Festivities thronged with great ambience, highlighted with 10/10 Ginger Bread House made in the College Lobby with edible millet biscuits which was very well decorated. Colors used were red and gold which are depict joyfulness and the onset of Christmas & New Year . The entire arrangement and theme of the event focused on Edible, Healthy and Organic Ingredients. Edible Decor as an art was very well presented. Miniature forms of Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Bells were made and displayed. A Fostered effect of Winter was  seen everywhere..

Guests The event is celebrated in Regency with a lot of joy and happiness. Every year regency involves in cake mixing ceremony in the presence of galaxy of stars & celebrities. This year we are honored to have Mr Rakesh Nair Head of Operations, Carnival Support Services(U.K) Big Boss Fame Ms Ariyana & Ms. Shiva Jyoti,, Kabir Rafi, Musiic Director and SiMA Award Winner, Ms. Renuka Jonnalagadda TFI, John Biswas Exe Chef Raddison Blu Bajara Hills, Chef Ramesh Yadav Executive Chef Hotel Abode, Ms Divya Reddy & Ms Priya from Mercure Hyd KCP  many more celebrities and well wishers ,, all the faculty members enthusiastically participated in the cake mixing ceremony. The highlight of the event was when Santa Claus arrives and joins the group dancing merrily with the sounds of jingle bells, jingle bells….. There is no limit to joy. Happiness has no end. The joy of man is the joy of God. A sumptuous lunch spread as a large buffet was served to the guests. 

Principal Mr. Ramesh Kumar Reddy said that these kinds of festival celebrations are encouraged to bring togetherness, passion of creativity, team building spirit, learning and honing hospitality traits, which are necessary for the students and creates employment opportunities, make them emerge as aspiring professionals. The College provides 100% placement opportunities and become aspiring Hoteliers both India, Abroad and also Cruise placements students get International opportunity to work in Europe, Italy and U.K

Ramesh Kumar Reddy