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Food Beneficiation by Regents on the Occasion of International Chef’s Day!!! 

27 year old Regency college of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management is one of the top colleges of Culinary Arts in the state and in the country, as a part of International Chef’s Day celebrations the budding chefs of Regency organized a week long celebrations as a part of this a lunch for 250 School Kids on 25th October’2021 was organized.

International Chef’s Day is celebrated every year on 20th October as a Tribute to the Profession of Culinary Arts. Keeping the message of World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) & Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, Telengana Chef’s Association collaborated with Regency College of Hotel Management, and has hosted various events not only promote the career of Chef’s but also emphasize the importance of eating healthy.

This Year the Theme for International Chef’s Day is “Healthy Food for the Future’. Through this theme, Chefs across the world are spreading the message about the impact that the production and consumption of food has on the environment. 250 Students from Regency College of Culinary Arts, chefs from TCA & renowned hotels were present on site to cook healthy and nutritious food the school kids. 

The cooking was done on site at the school premises with an organic ingredients, flavored rice, chicken curry, fruits and sprouts salad which are high in nutritious and relishing value was served. The Chefs from TCA educated the growing kids about healthy eating, Basic utilities like stationery and useful items were distributed to young lots. The children were entertained with culturals, educated on basic hygiene and sanitation. Chefs designed a healthy, nutritionally balanced lunch that was prepared by kitchen committee “were enthusiastic about the opportunity to do something that is both fun and education for the school kids” Chefs said. It will also be a great opportunity for the kids to see a chef close and find out more about what chefs do. . Chefs of College were felicitated and awarded for their culinary creativity amidst thundering applause from the students

Principal of  Regency college reiterated , “ if you are good at what you do, you can play your small part in feeding the planet in future Chefs can make an impact with people`s lives with their skills, and it goes beyond just pure pleasure on the plate”.

The department of culinary Arts strongly believes that through such events that educate and nurture young Chefs, today`s youth will definitely make a difference in the future not only in the culinary field but world over. The event ended with a Thanks giving note to Chefs from TCA, Executive chefs from 5 Star Hotels in Hyd & world over.

He in his address stressed student chefs of Regency are inculcated to uphold the values and ethics of their profession. He appreciated the Chef Fraternity for their undying spirit in the heat of Kitchen satiating different palettes Since 25 Years it’s been an applauded gesture by Regents to host and involve in CSR Activities.   By being a part of social activities, the Regents are also opening doors for more and more global opportunities and benefits. Our Students here well aware of the fact that if they want to grow in life, being a responsible citizen is a must.