Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management is one of the top Hotel
Management colleges in Hyderabad. Excellence is the main goal, whether it
comes to preparing a simple meal or setting up a buffet, the undivided attention
is given by both the faculty and the students.
Breakfast @ Radiance: On 23rd February’22, the students of CCCB held a
Petit-déjeuner Gala or simply a Breakfast Buffet at the Radiance restaurant at
Regency. A lavish continental breakfast buffet arranged with 100 varieties of
items showcased.
Exemplary Display: The setup was a Continental breakfast buffet with some live
counters. The initial setup for the display started days before the event. The chef
brigade headed by Chef Cyril guided the students in making the best possible
The event started with arranging all live stations and condiments for the event.
The live counters were set up, the buffet counters were ready and the only thing
to do was the invitees to relish the dishes. The students were thrilled and
cherished to make hot recipes then and there.
Scrumptious bakery items like muffins, croissant, banana bread, savoury items
like grilled chicken, shepherd’s pie, fresh fruits juices, cereals and many more
were presented in continental breakfast. Besides, there were also dishes like
pancakes, churros and omelettes displayed.
Applauds: The Chief invitees for the event were Chef Tushar Malkani (Culinary
director, Good Food Guys & Gourmet Foods), Chef Susheel Kumar (Technical
officer, General Mills), Chef N. Srikant (Corporate Chef, Desi District-Epwing
Texas), Chef Ashok Manga (Sous Chef, Westin) appreciated the efforts of the
students for their fantastic display. The chefs and faculty too congratulated the
students for the wonderful theme. The restaurant ambience was matching that of
a 5 star hotel.
The students were elated by the response and thanked the management for
giving them a wonderful opportunity to organize an event to experience how

buffet works in hotels. The students had a remarkable experience through this
event. The breakfast buffet concluded on an excellent note by getting praises
both from the management and guests. The students will continue to shine under
this esteemed college and rise above all.
Seemingly, culinary students found it was quite an exciting experience and a
beginning to their journey in the Culinary World.