Student Articles

Jaffar Ali,FPCC148
CULTURAL TWIST TO FOOD Chef Elli links food and cooking to a lot more than just ingredients and condiment. When Chef Elli Mauro threw open his kitchen and invited guests to don an apron and a chef, hat, there wasn’t any issue of attendance. While expats, as expected, came in big numbers, a few Indian men also took an interest in the notes and dishes. Elli, who hails from the suburbs of Milano, Lombardia and was part of the festival of food and wine at park Hyatt, brought with him the rich cultural background of risotto to, polenta, pizzocccheri and traditional cheese. So, when Elli decided to cook and teach he wasn’t settling to show pasta or a pizza but instead presented eggplant flan, bell pepper risotto and a baked halibut. His cuisine is said to be contemporary in style and includes a selection of ingredients through technique, experience and most importantly, love. At the session in The Park, recipes were read, chef was ready and so were the guests. Questions ranged from how thick the ingredients should be cut, to where to source cotton soft mozzarella from. Patient, chatty and extremely fond of food and people, chef Cyril also invited participants to the kitchen counter to help him chop, cut and prepare. Elli is engaging and each time he spoke of an ingredient, he spiced it up with his personal tip on how to prepare, store and enjoy certain unseasonable vegetables. Cyril is also interesting because he connects culture of a region food and feels the two are inseparable. He believes that food, love and culture are interconnected and his restaurant, Ristorante II Cantuccio back home dwells in an atmosphere of love and Italian traditions. Cyril method of preparation is simple, so he urged the gusts to unlearn the idea of ‘more means is tastier; He suggests that we imagine the taste of \every ingredients when adding to any this that will further enhance the taste of the main ingredients while still keeping its flavors alive .His philosophy is add do not douse as to douse is to kill the flavour of meat or vegetables He showed tricks and also gave ideas of a quick bite with a cheese crispy when one of the participants who has been engrossed in a phone conversation requested a repeat Cyril smiled and repeated while another guest made it loud and clear that all should ‘pay attention this time’.