Wheatgrass juice is said to be an excellent way to improve your immune system and detoxify your body. Belonging to the wheat plant tritium aestivum Wheatgrass juice is almost 65 to 70% of chlorophyll, which is required to make blood. Chlorophyll also comprises enzymes is said to battle radicals in the body that speed the ageing process as well as curb the development of harmful bacteria. •Drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice once a week is a good way to detoxify your system and make sure your digestive tract runs smoothly. •The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is also said to purify the liver, increase oxygen levels in the body and keep blood sugar levels in check. •Wheatgrass is good for your skin especially if you’re prone to breakouts. Regular consumption is also said to lighten acne scars. •Some studies also say that drinking the juice helps protect teeth against tooth decay. •Down with a sore throat? Mix wheatgrass juice with water and gargle thrice a day. •The juice is also said to reduce blood pressure. •The magnesium in wheatgrass treats constipation. Have two glasses daily. •Improve your energy levels by having wheatgrass juice regularly.

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