On 4th February, 2023 the 5th sem students of Regency competed against 130 students of 5 top colleges from Hyderabad in the annual flower arrangement competition. The competition included 3 categories – Ikebana arrangement, Bouquet arrangement, and Freestyle arrangement. Such competitions bring out the ability, organizational skills, innovative thoughts and creativity; Sense of design and experience among students. Floral arrangement was evaluated on the basis of the idea, theme, creativity and presentation. The jury listed the following students in the competition for their splendid display. Students with such multi skills explore to get more career opportunities in interior designing, event planner, floral designer etc. Eventually, Principal of regency P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy stressed that the true potential of the student lies to face the outer world unless and until they compete. He was much pleased to see students performing and excelling to new heights and creating a distinct path in this competitive world.