“KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT LEARNING IS ITS KEY.” LICIOUS MEAT FABRICATION UNIT VISIT BCTCA 2 nd sem budding chefs grabbed the opportunity to visit Licious Fabrication Meat near Medchal with Chef Rohith and Mr. Sudheer on 31.05.23 which gave an insight about the culinary industry, particularly in terms of menu planning, quality control, and food procurement. Mr. Srikanth (Human Resource) briefed about the operations of company through PPT. Later Mr. Ravi (Licious associate) illustrated the storage of the meat and seafood at 4 degree Celsius and the importance of hygiene. Students’ were keen to observe the demonstration of various cuts of the fish “BICHA”. He also elucidated that the strict quality control procedures used in meat processing plants to uphold food safety regulations given on top priority. The budding chefs gained valuable insights and made lasting memories. The visit has ignited a curiosity to the budding chefs and would continue to drive quest for learning and exploration.