‘Virtual realities’ and ‘creative visualization’ are the natural instincts of a dreamer and the dreamer

becomes a brick layer to build an everlasting future. There lies the difference between a mason and
magnate, the former uses physical bricks but the latter ideas-the soft bricks. An entrepreneur finds the
physical content in a soft matter. Thus the founders of ‘RCHMCT ‘founded 25 years ago with a cause to refurbish and make HOSPITALITY look different. Thus the Regency College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology  with a humble beginning, now the RCHMCT is big a hub of professionals and one of the top hotel management colleges in Hyderabad , India .

Located in heart of the city Hyderabad with a intake which can accommodate 120 students, digital class-rooms,
with related infrastructure civic amenities and expertise faculty. Our paradigm is ‘LOOK DIFFERENT and
motto is ‘ENDEAVOUR’ it.
The parameters of Hospitality Management are: Etiquettes, Mannerisms, Dress culture, Appearance,

Presentation, Body language, Speech, Services, Sense of belongingness and ownership, Accountability,
and Affinity etc. Culinary features. The course curriculum includes these above said subjects. The faculty
affectionately teaches the students ‘THESE FEATURES’ to METAMOPHOSIZE students. Thus our final

products possess the right ‘ATTITUDE’ to STEER, themselves deftly. The employability of the students in
a plethora of hotels is itself a testimony of the quality. We respect the value systems: Dedication,
Discipline, and Devotion. Our holistic approach to retain the true meaning of HOPITALITY has an in built
motivation in it, namely ‘Personality Development’, and the alumni of RCHMCT bring accolades to swell
our insignias.
Students are the life line. New aspirants knock at our doors, turn us ecstatic, because they are the
hamstrings of RCHMCT, they are the ‘VALUE ADDING ASSET’ and they are the worthy ‘AMBASSADORS’
since long. They are from rural, urban, rich, upper class, middle class and poor strata. This is a multi
lingual and multi cultural coeducational college. Thus Regency culinary traits are a mix of multicultural
blends. Students are comfortable during the tenure in RCHMCT. students propel Regency  and Regency navigate
them. We both coalesce. The Regency College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology remains

resplendent forever.


Chef Srikanth – 2007