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A lot of effort is put together in order to make a hotel run successfully. Much of the responsibility falls into the lap of a Hotel General Manager. Hotel big or small, it’s the responsibility of the hotel manager to look at the entire operations and manage employees as well as guests. The hotel manager has to work in complete coordination with other employees in order to run the hotel systematically. Pay varies depending on the size of the hotel and the country, state and city you are working in.

Let’s have a look at the various aspects that will help you to get appointed as a Hotel General Manager:


Small hotels don’t opt for degree candidates as the pay they offer is very low. Even a high school diploma with significant work experience can apply for the general manager position. However, a bachelor’s degree is the standard requirement for a medium to a larger chain of hotels.


Work Experience:

If you want to opt for a larger chain of hotels, then these hotels promote you depending on your performance and years of experience. First, you need to work in customer relation as the front desk manager. Then broaden your scope by working into different departments or different hotel operations or else opt for the position of assistant manager. To get promoted as the hotel general manager you are expected to have the required skills and abilities to look into multiple aspects of the operations and lead the employees.


Internal Training program:

Obviously, you cannot get the benefits of training in small hotels. To gain more knowledge about different aspects of your job it is necessary to get training at different intervals. Many hotels from mid-sized to large chain of hotels provide internal training programs. The program may run for weeks or months. The main purpose of this program is to provide the candidate with experience and in-depth knowledge of each functional role and employees. These trainings are important as each function of the hotel intersects with the other, one wrong decision may create a heck of a problem. A hotel general manager should be aware of all the possibilities while taking such crucial decisions.How to become a General Manager?


Skill Development:

You might think that simply following these steps might help you achieve a managerial job. But with these steps, you also need to develop or possess some basic key skills for promotion as well as success. The three important skills – Leadership, interpersonal and communication skills are necessary to become a hotel general manager. These skills help to supervise your staff, motivate them, build rapport with the employees and create a fun-high-functioning environment. As a hotel general manager, you need to see to the fact that your staff is able to deliver services that ensure positive guest experiences.


To become the hotel general manager, you need to first enhance yourself. You should be organized in everything you do. You should be a good problem solver and provide instant and best solutions. You should not panic during irregular challenges faced, rather confront it and find an ideal solution.